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Romanian and French Presidents Klaus Johannis and Emmanuel Macron met this morning at Mihail Kogarniseanu Air Force Base in Constanta County.

According to a statement from the Cheong Wa Dae, the two heads of state held one-on-one and official talks, as well as talks with the military deployed at Kogarniseanu base.

“The commitment of our army and other allies shows our unity and strengthens the security of the Black Sea and the Euro Atlantic region. Together we will be stronger.” Klaus Iohannis posted on Twitter.

The two presidents discussed how to further strengthen the Romania-France strategic partnership, updated in 2018, by signing the relevant political declarations Klaus Johannis and Emmanuel Macron in Paris. The guidelines are detailed in the roadmap signed in 2020.

Iohanis thanked Macron for the presence of French troops in Romania and for France becoming the leader of our NATO combat group. “In fact, the preparation for the NATO Summit in Madrid occupies a special place in our debate, which makes important decisions for the future of the Alliance and our common security. Therefore, we prioritized the need to strengthen the eastern side, especially the Black Sea, new strategic concepts, the support of alliance partners, and the deterrence and defense position in the prospect of accession to Sweden. Finland, “. Johannis said.

The two leaders also discussed “continuing deterioration of the humanitarian situation in Ukraine”.

“Romania is making a sustainable and multifaceted effort to support Ukraine by providing grain export routes, such as via the Black Sea Port of Constanta and the Romanian Port of the Donau River. Our authorities are looking for an integrated solution to make this transportation as efficient as possible, including the support of external partners. Thus, we are working closely with the President to achieve this goal. Established to cooperate. “, Johannis continued.

France’s President Emmanuel Macron said Romania is a unique country for France and the alliance between the two states is based on friendship in the second century.

On Wednesday, the French president said he was proud and happy to be in Romania, where he spoke with President Klaus Johannis. Macron appreciated not only the cooperation between the two countries, but also the professionalism of the Romanian army.

“Romania is not like any other country for France. The alliance between our countries is based on the friendship of the second century. We have mentioned this together several times. It threatens its security. In the face of a serious crisis, Romania was able to rely on French friendship. We are proud to continue this historic tradition today. To move forward, we are bilateral. At the request of the Romanian authorities, we are working on an ambitious plan to support the Romanian Navy. The relevant ministers were able to discuss and establish a framework document, politically and. Militaryly, we would like to strengthen this framework document and this cooperation. “ The French president said.

The President of France has specified that Romania’s NATO equipment will be complemented. “Current devices will grow and improve their capabilities. The Summit in Madrid confirms this ambition and is further evidence of our unity in removing threats from the eastern Franks of the EU and NATO.” Macron said.

Johannis: Romania’s accession to the Schengen Agreement will help strengthen EU security

Romania’s accession to the Schengen Area and its active involvement in the protection of the European Union’s foreign border were also addressed at the meeting. Particular attention will be paid to coordinating the positions of the two countries in preparation for the European Council meeting in Brussels and the NATO summit in Madrid in late June, the statement said.

President Klaus Iohannis said at a joint press conference with French President Emmanuel Macron that Romania-France cooperation on security was “especially welcomed” in the crisis caused by the military invasion of the Russian Federation in Ukraine. Said that.

“”He had a comprehensive discussion with President Macron on the prospects for the expansion of the Schengen Area and explained his legitimate expectations for Romania’s accession. He emphasized that the expansion of the Schengen Area will help strengthen the security and resilience of the entire coalition and strengthen the competitiveness of the single market for the benefit of European citizens. We are confident that we can expect France’s assistance in unblocking the process of joining the Schengen Agreement in our country.“The Romanian president said.

In his turn, the President of France said France was on the Romanian side in the process of joining the Schengen Agreement. “”I would like to move this file forward and make progress.France has been on the Romanian side for many years“, Macron said.

Macron: Ukraine must negotiate to win the war.We Europeans bring security guarantees

The priority topics on the agenda were the development of the security situation in the region and the multiple effects of the war in Ukraine, support for Ukraine and Ukrainian refugees, and proposals related to the reconstruction of the country. ..

French President Emmanuel Macron said Wednesday that the Ukrainian president would have to negotiate with Russia, and Europeans would also be at the table to bring security.

“We Europeans share the same continent, geography is stubborn, Russia stays in its present location, yesterday’s location, tomorrow’s location. Russia is a feared force and we I don’t want to wage war with the Russian people. We don’t say this, but we have to negotiate for Ukraine to win and stop the war. The President of Ukraine needs to negotiate with Russia. Yes, we Europeans also attend this table and bring elements of security and our responsibility. This is the reality, it needs to happen at some point, and excessive remarks cover our future. Don’t hide it. “ The French president said at a press conference.

“The position of France and Europe is clear from day one, despite Russia’s decisive war against Ukraine and the Ukrainian people,” Macron said in a statement that Russia should not be humiliated. Said.

“We must first do everything we can to prevent this war and act in this regard, and then we must participate in the Russian sanctions we have designated from day one as responsible for this war. No, and we acted from day one. Because of this political, moral, and historical mistake. ” Macron said..

“Since the beginning of the conflict, we have implemented a series of six sanctions until the end of almost complete sanctions on Russia’s oil supply. Obviously, we have Ukraine defending itself and being economically and financially humane. We will continue to support Ukraine by helping to fight from a perspective and continue to accept these refugees fleeing the war in the land of Europe. This is France’s position, with no self-satisfaction or compromise, but we. Also wants to build peace, which means that at some point the fire must be stopped and negotiations resumed. “, Emmanuel Macron has been added.

The two leaders also face the ongoing challenges of the Republic of Moldova, which are posed by the effects of Russia’s aggression in Ukraine, including continued efforts to support through the Republic of Moldova’s support platform created by the initiative. Discussed support. According to the presidential administration, Romania, France and Germany in April. Applications for membership candidates in Ukraine, the Republic of Moldova and the Republic of Georgia, and specific support for their European integration are also on the agenda.

The visit of the President of France will take place within a broad framework provided by a strategic partnership between the two countries and close cooperation at the European and international levels against the backdrop of intense bilateral political dialogue. In addition to these, the recent decision to join the armed forces is added to France, which is the framework of our Allied combat group.

French President Emmanuel Macron arrived in Constanta on Tuesday night. His visit to Romania is just the beginning of the French President’s tour of Eastern Europe. Elysee’s leader plane landed at Mihail Kogarniceanu Airport and was greeted by Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę.

Romanian Prime Minister Nicolae Ciucę thanked France for showing her military presence in NATO’s swift rebels at the reception of French President Emmanuel Macron in Japan. sent. “”We were able to welcome French President Emmanuel Macron in Romania. Welcome, President! Again, I would like to thank France for showing its military presence to Romania within NATO Response Force.Nicolae CiucČka said in a message on the government’s Twitter page.

Emmanuel Macron had a personal meeting with French soldiers stationed at a base in Constanta County. He thanked the French troops and allies in Romania in the current international context. “”Also, the Romanian army has accepted you, the cooperation they knew how to build, and all the allies represented here that play an important role in this aspect, especially ours. I would like to thank my allies in the United States. alliance” The French president said.

He emphasized the importance of a swift response of NATO allies, including France, which has deployed additional troops to the eastern flanks. “”By moving very fast (…), you not only helped strengthen this partnership, but also helped build even more valuable and trust between nations and the armed forces. And especially the trust of our Romanian friends and the entire eastern side of Europe and our alliance. This is invaluable. “ The French president said. Klaus Iohannis-Emmanuel Macron Conference at Mikhail Kogarnis Anu Air Force Base-Romanian Journal

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