Koper police bankrupt two international criminal organizations

Koper – In collaboration with Italian authorities, Koper police have dismantled two internationally organized criminal organizations involved in the smuggling and trafficking of illicit drugs. They arrested 11 suspects and seized several kilograms of cocaine and cannabis, as well as more than € 60,000 in cash, Koper police said.

The pre-trial proceedings in the first investigation were carried out by Slovenian and Italian prosecutors, as well as prosecutors from the European Judicial Network. They set up a joint investigation team to investigate the case.

The team gathered evidence that a drug ring led by the Albanian people of Europe is smuggling large amounts of cocaine from South America to European countries. The mastermind was killed in a South American restaurant in early 2022.

In Slovenia, the mastermind was helped by another Albanian in prison and his partner from the Isola region. She was responsible for logistical support and procurement of vehicles with Slovenian license plates.

The vehicle was modified by a Dutch criminal organization to provide a secret parcel for drug smuggling. The ring supplied Slovenia with some medicine, and the Slovenian people played an important role in this part of their operation.

Criminal investigators used covert investigations to provide evidence for 21 suspects allegedly committing 179 illegal drug production and trafficking crimes, including seven arrested in Slovenia. Collected. All but one who was already in prison were detained.

In the first investigation, which ended in early April, Slovenian police seized a variety of illegal drugs, including 2,300 grams of cocaine, 1,100 grams of cannabis and hashish, and € 30,000 in cash. In Italy, the numbers were pretty high, with over 80 kilograms of cocaine and 7 kilograms of cannabis (equivalent to 4.5 million euros).

Koper police also revealed that another criminal group is operating in the coastal areas of Slovenia, with members occasionally cooperating with gangsters arrested in April. The second group also supplied customers from Slovenia and Italy.

Criminal investigators have collected evidence for 11 suspects who allegedly committed a total of 96 crimes, including illegal drug production and trafficking. In addition, three other suspects were accused of blackmail.

The investigation ended this week when four suspects were arrested. All of them are Slovenian people in the coastal area. Three of them were detained and one was under house arrest.

Police confiscated various illegal drugs, including 2,080 grams of cocaine, 1,150 grams of cannabis, and € 35,000 in cash. Koper police bankrupt two international criminal organizations

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