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The Ministry of Food and Drugs said Wednesday that Korea’s first homemade COVID-19 vaccine was given a green light for use here.

SKY Covione or GBP510 was developed by SK Bioscience and the Institute of Protein Design at the University of Washington.

South Korea currently has both COVID treatment and vaccines with Celltrion’s Regirona, which was approved in February 2021, said Oh Yu-kyung, Minister of Food and Drug Safety. “We are currently implementing a health security system to proactively respond to future infectious diseases.”

Like the Novavax vaccine, SKYCovione is a recombinant protein vaccine based on the same technology used to make influenza or hepatitis B vaccines. It is cheaper than the mRNA vaccine and can be stored refrigerated at the usual 2-8 degrees Celsius.

SK Bioscience is mostly African countries, with the recommendation of the Coalition for Epidemic Infectious Disease Control (CEPI), an international organization led by Bill Gates that funds vaccines for the poor countries that funded the Korean project. Said to be sent to.

It is given twice at intervals of 4 weeks. According to SK Bioscience, after the third dose, SKYCovione is effective in preventing not only the original coronavirus strain, but also Omicron variants. A clinical trial of booster shots is underway.

“We tested the safety, efficacy and quality of SKY Covione according to international standards at all stages from development to clinical trials, production control and final approval,” said a spokesman for the ministry.

SK Bioscience requires emergency use approval from the World Health Organization before shipping vaccines overseas.

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