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1933 – South Korea’s first female pilot, Park Kyung-won, dies in a plane crash.

1990 – South Korea’s Ministry of Health and Welfare says in its first report on AIDS, the number of South Koreans infected with HIV, the virus that causes AIDS, has reached 100. South Koreans have reached 4,227, including 773 dead.

2003 — About 30 student activists, Hanchonnyeon members, or university student associations demonstrate in front of a US military base in downtown Seoul as the US signs a non-aggression pact with North Korea. requested to do

2013 — South Korea has accepted North Korea’s proposal for new talks to normalize operations at the inter-Korean industrial complex, which has been closed for four months. The talks were the seventh inter-Korean talks on the Kaesong Industrial Complex, following six previous failures.

2018 — North Korea repatriates South Korean citizens through the border village of Panmunjom. In a message to Seoul the day before, Pyongyang claimed that only the 34-year-old’s last name was identified and that he entered North Korea illegally on July 22.
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