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Riyadh: Hovering a few feet above the ground, flying in zero gravity and defying the laws of gravity are what attract women to the practice of aerial yoga.

Aerial yoga classes involve poses similar to yoga on a mat, but instead of supporting the body with body weight, silk hammocks are suspended from the ceiling.

Saudi Aerial Fitness freelancer and yoga teacher Sarah Farhoud was introduced to aerial yoga classes while in medical school. “I used to go there to do yoga and relax, but I decided to take an air class for a change of pace and never looked back,” Farhoud told Arab News.

She loves the sport so much that she became a freelance instructor in 2016, taking aerial fitness classes at multiple studios in Riyadh.

Demand was high after licensed ladies gyms were allowed to open in 2017. I got my TOT (The Training of Trainers) from Cirque Fitness USA. There are currently 508 certified aerial hammock, silk and hoop instructors in Saudi Arabia.

Roar al-SahafAerial Yoga Instructor

“Girls are curious and like a challenge. They trust their hammocks and aren’t afraid of being knocked over. I think the new generation is more courageous and excited,” she said.

(AN photo by Huda Bashatah)

Hammocks are designed to help you develop flexibility and strength while allowing you to perform more difficult poses without straining your shoulders, spine, or head.

“If your life is stressful, try aerial yoga as a way to break your routine and rediscover the joy of being upside down. I’m passing the time, so I’m laughing and giggling so I can take a deep breath and enjoy the moment,” Farhoud said.

She believes Vision 2030 will encourage more studios to open, parks and community centers to make the sport more inclusive and accessible to all.

Aerial yoga instructor Loa Al Sahaf was in Paris when she was introduced to aerial yoga and decided to take it home.

“I tried the antenna for the first time in Paris. When I returned to Saudi Arabia, I couldn’t find the antenna anywhere in Jeddah, so I decided to open it in Jeddah. I started offering classes to gyms, and finally, in 2018, I opened my own studio in Saudi Arabia named Aerial Arts,” Al-Sahhaf told Arab News.

Al-Sahhaf realized that while the sport was in high demand, there weren’t enough instructors.

“The demand was high after we were allowed to open a licensed ladies gym in 2017. We got TOT (The Training of Trainers) from Cirque Fitness USA. We have 508 certified instructors in aerial arts for , silks and hoops,” she said.

Al-Sahaf said many people enjoy trying new things, and aerial yoga may be more popular than traditional yoga because of the difficulty and enjoyment it brings. rice field.

“Aerials are like water sports. Recommended for those with inflexibility, rough knees, and fragile intervertebral discs. ‘, said Al-Sahaf.

“It’s like exercising with other people. By the end of the session, we always do a meditation (exercise) so they can tangle in a hammock and meditate,” she said. . “It gives them a great feeling.”

Yoga has become a popular fitness trend in Saudi Arabia, and the Ministry of Commerce approved the teaching and practice of yoga as a sport in Saudi Arabia in November 2017.

“The facility has made significant improvements in the areas of licensing, support and sponsorship, and we are happy with this,” Al-Sahaf said.

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