Kuala Tanjung port needs to improve logistics distribution services

It takes less than 30 minutes by train from Kuala Tanjung to Say Mankay.

JAKARTA (ANTARA) – Transport Minister Budi Kariya Sumadi has instructed the Kuala Tanjung Port Authority to improve services to support logistics in the Say Mankay Special Economic Zone (SEZ) in the Batubala district of North Sumatra. I put it out.

“Sei Mangkei and Kuala Tanjung complement each other. If Sei Mangkei’s productivity increases, so will the port’s,” Sumadi said in a statement received here on Saturday. .

In a review of the Port of Kuala Tanjung and the Ceyman Kay SEZ on Saturday, he said 10 factories are expected to be set up in the zone over the next two years, further boosting the port’s productivity.

To facilitate the seamless distribution of logistics from ports to zones and vice versa, he said the goal is to have train transport operational by next month.

“Using the train is more efficient and quicker than using the congested land route. It takes less than 30 minutes by train from Kuala Tanjung to Say Mankay,” he said.

Sumadi also said that along with the Minister of Investment, he will involve some stakeholders to submit a work plan for the Port of Kuala Tanjung and Ceyman Kay SEZ in 2023 to achieve productivity gains.

He pointed out that North Sumatra is a region rich in crude and palm oil potential in particular.

“I have heard that Inalum will also invest here. It is expected that the synergy between Perindo and Inalum will increase the productivity of Kuala Tanjung port,” he said.

He called for constant improvement of cooperation among stakeholders, including state-owned port operator Perindo, local governments, defense forces, police, and management of the Xiwanjing SEZ.

The activity capacity of the Sei Mangkei SEZ is expected to continue increasing from the current 23% to 50% in 2024.

The government has pursued the development of multimodal integration to increase the mobility of goods from the Seymancay Special Economic Zone (SEZ).

The integration was done through freight trains connecting Sei Mangkei, Kuala Tanjung and Belawan.

The first phase of the development of Kuala Tanjung Port, which includes the Kuala Tanjung Multi-Purpose Terminal, has commenced.

The port managed by Pelindo is equipped with a 500×60 m jetty and a 2.8 km long trestle for four 18.5 m wide truck lanes.

In addition, it is equipped with complete and modern port facilities supported by integrated IT systems to better serve customers and increase the speed of the loading and unloading process.

The port is expected to become a transshipment port frequented by large vessels from several countries.

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