Kuomintang’s Yang Wenke claims re-election victory in Hsinchu

TAIPEI, Nov. 26 (CNA) Incumbent Kuomintang (KMT) Hsinchu county governor Yang Wen-ke won re-election on Saturday against his closest rival, the Democratic Progressive Party (DPP). Chiang-chieh) declared victory. .

Yang declared victory around 7pm, but the votes were still being counted. The results of the election are not finalized until officially announced by the Central Election Commission (CEC).

During the campaign, the Kuomintang had high hopes for Hsinchu County. Hsinchu County was home to the largest Hakka population in Taiwan, and had its sights not only on the seat of the magistrate, but also the seat of the 13 mayors of the northern counties.

The 71-year-old Yang, who worked in the civil service for 30 years before entering politics, was widely considered a front-runner in this year’s election campaign. With his win, KMT will retain dominance in the county for another four years since his 2001.

As an incumbent magistrate, Mr. Yang is seen as an advantage over relatively unknown challengers, analysts say, and voters recognize his administrative accomplishments in the county over the past four years. .

He continued efforts to reduce the county government’s debt, make Hsinchu a technology hub, improve the welfare of the elderly and local farmers, and establish a national cultural exchange center for ethnic Hakka groups. ran a campaign focused on

Hsinchu has the largest Hakka population in Taiwan, with this ethnic group making up 67.8% of the county’s total population of 570,000, according to official data.

Meanwhile, according to the Hsinchu county government, Yang repaid 63.02% of his debt, or TWD13.58 billion (US$438.85 million), during his first four years in office.

Yang was first elected mayor of the Hsinchu county government in 2018, and after serving two years as deputy magistrate, won a surprise victory over Republican Party Chairman Xu Xinying and Democratic Progressive Party leader Zheng Chaofang.

His challenger, Mr. Zhou, 42, is the director of the state bureau of the Hakka province and chose to campaign on foot rather than by motorcade in Hsinchu’s 13 townships.

Zhou, who was elected to the Hsinchu county assembly as the Green Party’s Taiwanese candidate in 2014, converted to the Democratic Progressive Party in 2018.

He resigned from the county council in 2017. This came a year after he implemented the tax rate hike when his KMT proposal to lower the tax rate on residential properties not used by owners was approved.

(Evelyn Kao)

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