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Kuwait cannot travel without a third dose: Civil Aviation

By BIzzak

Kuwait: The Kuwaiti Civil Aviation Authority yesterday decided to ban Kuwaiti citizens who received a second vaccination nine months ago from leaving the country unless they received a third booster vaccination. The decision will be effective from January 2nd.

Kuwaiti citizens who have been vaccinated a second time for more than nine months must be vaccinated a third time to be able to travel, the ministry said. The decision came after the Council of Ministers stated that those who received a second dose nine months ago are no longer considered immune to the coronavirus and must be given a third booster. It is done.
The ministry also issued rules on the entry of expatriates into Kuwait, stating that vaccinated expatriates in Kuwait must submit a vaccination certificate through a Kuwait ID application or exemption.

Vaccinated people abroad must create a vaccination certificate with the same name as the passport, the type and date of the vaccine, the name of the vaccinated authority, and the QR code for the vaccination.

Foreigners who have been vaccinated abroad can upload the vaccination certificate from the website of the Ministry of Health to confirm the vaccination.

According to official statistics, the number of new coronavirus cases reported in the country has skyrocketed, and the Ministry of Health announced 143 new cases on Wednesday, surpassing 100 cases for the first time in more than three months, making a new decision. it was done.

Meanwhile, the Ministry of Health has decided to suspend all annual leave for medical staff in January. The decision will come into effect on January 2. However, the Medical Association said the ministry’s deputy minister, Mustafa Leda, promised to reconsider the decision as soon as possible.

Kuwait has already reported 13 cases of COVID-19 Omicron, all of which come from several European countries. Authorities are urging the public to adhere to their health, especially by wearing face masks and keeping distance. Mole is instructed not to accept unvaccinated or non-immunized individuals.

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/kuwaitis-without-third-dose-cant-travel-civil-aviation/ Kuwait cannot travel without a third dose: Civil Aviation

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