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Kuwait: His Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf al-Ahmad al-Javert al-Saber yesterday, from Crown Prince Sheikh Mishal al-Ahmad al-Javert al-Saber, National Foundation Day 61st Anniversary and Liberation Day 31 I received a congratulatory cable to commemorate the anniversary. In the cable, Crown Prince congratulates His Highness Amir, confirms his loyalty to his beloved hometown, and is omnipotent to protect and protect Kuwait under the wise leadership he wishes for long-lasting health and prays for. I prayed to Allegiance.

In return, His Highness Amir expresses his gratitude and sincere feelings from the Crown Prince and wishes him further success and long-lasting health. Meanwhile, His Highness Amir received congratulations from the leaders of the GCC and Arab countries on National Foundation Day and Liberation Day.

His Highness Amir sent a cable of appreciation in return and thanked the leaders for their continued health and for the further prosperity and growth of their brotherhood. — Kuna

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