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Kuwait continues to send relief to those in need

Kuwait: Kuwait’s charities have continued to reach out to affected countries and communities around the world. The joy of celebrating Kuwait’s National Foundation Day is doubled by relief efforts and brings some joy to the poor around the world. Kuwaiti charities and relief groups have kept in mind the guidelines of His Highness Amir Sheikh Nawaf al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah to help those in need as much as possible.

Dali Al Buaijan, director of the Al-Salam Humanitarian Association, said the association had dispatched 400 trucks of humanitarian supplies to refugees and expelled them from Syria and Yemen. In a comment to the press, he revealed that the total amount of social aid provided reached 1.439,491 KD (about $ 4.759,434) while closing the eighth edition of the humanitarian campaign “Truck 2022 in Kuwait”. did. The campaign, organized in collaboration with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Social Affairs, has benefited thousands of refugees, many of whom have dealt with winter conditions and the effects of the new coronavirus (COVID-19). I had a hard time.

Buaijan added that Kuwait’s relief supplies reached up to 2,000 refugee camps at the latest stage of the campaign, which began in 2016. Meanwhile, Dr. Abdullah al-Martuk, chair of the International Islamic Charity (IICO) and special adviser to the UN Secretary-General, praised Al-Salam society and dispatched 100 trucks of relief supplies in the first effort. Said. The following year, we shipped 317 such heavy-duty trucks overseas. “Today, they are dispatching 400 trucks of supplies and want to increase the number of such convoys to Syria and Yemen,” he added.

IICO distributed food, housing and clothing to 340 families in the war in Taizz Governorate, Yemen, as part of a seven-year-old campaign on the Kuwaiti side. In a statement, Al Hekuma of the Yemeni Association, who carried out the project, said that the program “Winter Warmth” will distribute food packages, blankets and various clothes, especially for people living in very cold winter areas. Said that it was targeted. Abdullah Man Shamsan, who is in charge of the social branch of Tides, expressed his deep appreciation for Kuwait’s support for the Yemeni people. As part of this, Kuwait Sheikh Abdullano Charity (SANC) has opened a school in Hadra Mout, eastern Yemen. This is also part of the “Kuwait by Your Side” campaign.

Meanwhile, Sale Al Oumari, Director General of the Al Mukalla Regional Administration, thanked Kuwait when the school was launched to help young Yemeni people receive their education. In addition, the Kuwaiti Association has established another school for girls in the same area. In Ramallah, on the west bank of the Jordan River, Kuwaiti charity Insan provided assistance, the supplies needed for the winter season, to families. Kuwait is celebrating liberation and independence later this month. The opportunity stimulates joy among the people of the country, and the public places are adorned with flags and figures depicting the opportunity. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwait-continues-sending-relief-to-people-in-need/ Kuwait continues to send relief to those in need

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