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Kuwait FM presents Lebanon proposal to mitigate the Gulf conflict

Beirut: Kuwait’s foreign minister said yesterday that he gave Lebanese authorities a list of proposed steps to be taken to mitigate diplomatic rifts with the Gulf Arab countries. The proposal was delivered to Lebanon’s Prime Minister Najib Mikati and President Michel Aoun during a visit by Kuwait’s Foreign Minister Sheikh Ahmed Nacelle al-Mohammed al-Saber, who visited Lebanon for the first time since the eruption of Spats last year. ..

This visit, coordinated with the Gulf Arab countries, is part of a broader effort to restore confidence between Lebanon and its Gulf Arab countries as Lebanon tackles an unprecedented financial crisis. “A list of ideas and suggestions was presented yesterday and was mentioned by the president today,” Sheikh Ahmed told reporters yesterday after meeting Aung. “We are now waiting for their response to these suggestions,” he added, refusing to elaborate on the proposed steps.

Lebanon Foreign Minister Abdallah Bou Habib will visit Kuwait at the end of the month, Sheikh Ahmed said. Mikati was also invited to visit Kuwait, he added. In October, Saudi Arabia and its allies suspended diplomatic relations with Lebanon after then-Minister of Intelligence George Kordahi broadcast comments criticizing Saudi-led military intervention in Yemen.

Kuwait recalled the ambassador from Beirut and asked Beirut’s Chargé d’Affaires to leave the country. Last month, Kurdahi resigned to ease standoffs, and French President Emmanuel Macron said Paris and Riyadh had agreed to be fully involved in restoring diplomatic relations. However, tensions continue over the powerful Shiite movement Hezbollah in Lebanon, largely backed by Saudi archival Iran. Earlier this month, Saudi Arabia’s Ambassador to Beirut called on Lebanese political parties to “end the hegemony of terrorism in all aspects of Hezbollah’s nation.”

Sheikh Ahmad confirmed the desire of the Gulf countries not to see Lebanon become “a platform for all sorts of attacks.” Sheikh Ahmad said he was born from a meeting with Aung at the Babda Palace and greeted Lebanese leaders from senior officials of Amir and the Crown Prince. The minister also delivered messages from Arabs and foreign countries to rebuild confidence in the country.

“These ideas and suggestions are based on international legitimacy and the resolution of the Arab League,” said Sheikh Ahmad, a Lebanese leader to prevent the country from becoming a “rhetorical or actual attack platform.” Declared to ask. The minister said the relayed proposal was not equivalent to Lebanon’s intervention in domestic affairs.

Sheikh Ahmad also urged Lebanese authorities to step up efforts to curb drug smuggling into Kuwait and other regional countries. The Minister made a request at a meeting with Lebanese Interior Minister Bassam Malawi. He emphasized the need to step up efforts to curb drug smuggling into Kuwait and its regions, and the Lebanese state is responsible for protecting its two brotherhoods and ethnic groups. He said he should fulfill his duty to prevent it.

Sheikh Ahmad said the visit to Lebanon seeks to rebuild the means of trust between Lebanon and the region and abroad after meeting with Lebanon Speaker Nabby Beri. He said the meeting with the speakers addressed mutual concerns, regional and international topics, and issues related to building trust between Lebanon and its neighbors.

“All parties involved want Lebanon to be stable and safe,” the Foreign Minister said, implying the Arab League, which can be achieved through the implementation of international and Arab legitimacy resolutions. Emphasized. When asked about the appointment of a new ambassador to Lebanon, Sheikh Ahmad said, “No one has nominated the post.” -agency

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwait-fm-presents-lebanon-proposal-to-ease-gulf-dispute/ Kuwait FM presents Lebanon proposal to mitigate the Gulf conflict

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