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Kuwait is the cheapest living cost … in the bay

Kuwait is the third highest rent in the Gulf countries, Lebanon is the most expensive in the Arab world, and Libya and Algeria are the cheapest, the Arabic daily Al Rai reports.

The Numbeo website, one of the world’s largest databases of living expenses, ranked Kuwait as the cheapest Gulf countries in the Cost of Living Index in the first half of this year and ranked 9th in the Arab world.

Nambio publishes the Cost of Living Index twice a year. It is a relative index that measures the prices of consumer goods in 137 countries around the world, including groceries, restaurants, transportation and utilities. Accommodation expenses such as rent and mortgage.

At the level of the most expensive Arab countries, Lebanon is No. 1 and 18 in the world, Qatar is No. 2 and 30 in the world, UAE is No. 35 in the world, Bahrain is No. 40 in the world, Saudi Arabia is No. 44, Palestine was 45th, Oman was 50th, Jordan was 52nd and Kuwait was 56th. .. The cheapest Arab countries to live in were Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Syria and Egypt.

Kuwait, on the other hand, has the third highest rent increase in the Gulf and Arab countries after Qatar and the United Arab Emirates, higher than in European countries such as France, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Italy and China. ..

In terms of purchasing power parity, Kuwait ranked fourth at the level of Arab countries after the United Arab Emirates, Qatar and Saudi Arabia.

This indicator shows an individual’s relative purchasing power when purchasing goods or services in a particular city with respect to the average net salary in that particular city.

Bermuda, Switzerland, the Bahamas, Barbados, and Iceland were the most livable countries in the world.

https://timeskuwait.com/news/kuwait-is-the-cheapest-in-the-cost-of-living-in-the-gulf/ Kuwait is the cheapest living cost … in the bay

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