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Kuwait laments attack on Al-Aqsa mosque by settlers

Kuwait: Kuwait on Sunday condemned in the strongest terms the attack on the courtyard of Jerusalem’s Al-Aqsa Mosque by settlers under the protection of Zionist forces. The move is a grave violation of international law and treaties, underlined by the Foreign Ministry statement, urging the international community to intervene and stop all acts of violence against the Palestinian people.

Meanwhile, as the Islamic Jihad reported that negotiations for a ceasefire were underway, Egyptian sources said the Zionist group announced on Sunday that it had broken ground with Palestinian militants in Egypt’s proposed Gaza after three days of violent conflict. agreed to a ceasefire. The talks could help Egypt broker a deal to end the worst fighting in Gaza since an 11-day war ravaged the poor coastal region, home to some 2.3 million Palestinians, last year. I have high hopes that it will be possible.

Since Friday, Zionist groups have carried out heavy air and artillery strikes against Islamic jihadist positions in Gaza, with militants firing hundreds of rockets in retaliation. At least 31 Palestinians, including six children, have been killed and 275 injured since Friday, health officials said.

Two Zionists were wounded by shrapnel, and others were forced to flee a barrage of rockets fired from Gaza. Egyptian President Abdel Fattah El-Sisi said officials were in talks with both sides “around the clock” to defuse the violence. A Cairo security source said Zionist groups had “accepted” the ceasefire, adding that Cairo was waiting for a Palestinian response.

An Islamic Jihad source said “discussions are taking place at the highest levels to de-escalate” but warned “if the attacks and crimes of the occupying forces do not stop, the resistance will not stop.” . On Sunday, the Iran-backed group Islamic Jihad, which has been designated as a terrorist organization by several Western countries, unfurled a barrage to fire two rockets targeting Jerusalem, only to be shot down by the military. rice field.

The Zionist military said, “All the senior leaders of the military wing of the Islamic Jihad in Gaza have been neutralized.” Muhammad Abu Salmiya, director of Gaza City’s Shifa Hospital, said medical workers were treating the wounded in “very bad condition” and said there was a serious shortage of drugs and fuel to run the generators. warned of shortages. “There are injuries every minute,” he said early Sunday.

‘tear up’

In Gaza, run by the Islamist group Hamas, the health ministry said 31 people had died. But the Zionist group said it had “irrefutable” evidence that stray rockets launched by Islamic Jihad had caused the deaths of several children in the Jabalia region of northern Gaza on Saturday. .

It was not immediately clear how many children had been killed there, but AFP photographers saw six bodies, including three minors, at a local hospital. “We rushed to the place and found body parts lying on the ground…they were torn children,” Muhammad Abu Sadar described Jabalia’s devastation. The military said the militants had fired more than 600 of his rockets and mortars, attacking 139 Islamic Jihad positions, but his more than 100 of those projectiles were missing inside Gaza. said.

Amid mounting tensions, Jews in annexed East Jerusalem celebrated Tisha Beav’s fasting day at the Al-Aqsa Mosque, known in Judaism as the Temple Mount, on Sunday. Some Palestinians shouted “God is great” in response, and the AFP cameraman was briefly detained by police, but the commemoration ended without any major incidents.

The Zionist organization said it needed to launch a “pre-emptive” operation on Friday against Islamic Jihad, which it said was planning an imminent attack. The military has killed senior Islamic Jihad leaders in Gaza, including Taisir al-Jabari of Gaza City and Khaled Mansur of Rafah in the south. Rapid called Mansoor’s murder an “extraordinary achievement”.


Daily life in the Gaza Strip came to a halt as the only power plant shut down due to a fuel shortage after the Zionist organization closed border crossings. The UN humanitarian agency OCHA has warned of “serious risks” to the “continuity of basic essential services”. Abu Mohammed al-Madhoun, 56, from Gaza City, said: “Every day we wake up to the martyrs of children and women… killed and displaced. I hope the invasion will end,” he said.

In the southern and central Zionist groups, civilians were placed in air raid shelters. Two people were hospitalized with shrapnel wounds and 13 others suffered minor injuries while running for safety, Magen David Adom Emergency Services said. I’m nervous. It’s scary.” “Ashkelon is a ghost he’s a town. It’s a holiday and the kids should be playing outside.”

Hamas’ response to the riots remains critical, with spokesman Fauji Barhoom offering the group’s support for Islamic Jihad on Sunday but not saying they would participate. The resistance is united in this battle,” said Bahoum. Islamic Jihad is affiliated with Hamas but often acts independently. Since Hamas seized control of Gaza in 2007, he has fought four wars with the Zionists, including last May.

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