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Kuwait Parliament, Cabinet has recorded some achievements in the last decade

South Abdullah Mubarak Housing Project.

Kuwait: Parliament and the Cabinet have recorded several achievements over the last decade, including proposing, passing, enforcing, and enacting important legislation, confirming officials in yesterday’s report. Dr. Ahmad Alhaifi, Deputy Under Secretary of State, said in his report that both the executive branch and legislative authorities worked together to develop laws and projects that would benefit the people of Kuwait and the development of the country. .. He confirmed that Kuwait has improved its rankings on various global indicators. The most notable achievements are the selection of Kuwait as the “Global Humanitarian Center” by the United Nations and the selection of His Highness as the late Amir Sheikh Sabah al Ahmad al Javert al Sabah. “Humanitarian leader”.

Kuwait also improved its ranking in youth development in 2021 and was ranked No. 1 at the Arab level and No. 27 in the world, he said, Kuwait was No. 1 in food security at the Arab level and the Arab region. At the level of the sovereign wealth fund, Kuwait is ranked number one in Arab descent and number three internationally, reaching $ 270 billion in 2011 and then rising to $ 738 billion. An unprecedented record of the fund within a 10-year framework.

Kuwait: Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center. — Kuna

Dr. Haifi said Kuwait has embarked on or completed several major projects, including Sheikh Javert al-Ahmad Causeway, Sheikh Javert al-Ahmad Hospital, Clean Fuel Project and more. He has housed 70,000 homes in the residential domain, since 2012 in Kuwait’s ambitious housing projects in the Mutrah region, South Third Al Abdullah, South Saba Al Ahmad, South Abdullah Al Mubarak, South Kaitan, Wafra and West Mubarak. Said that it was distributed. Al Abdullah. Kuwait has improved its position in the health sector since 2019 and has been praised by international organizations such as the World Health Organization (WHO), Haifi said. He said the Boursa Kuwait was listed on the Emerging Markets Index and was recognized by companies such as Morgan Stanley, which has about $ 3.3 billion in the market, according to economic reports. I added that it shows.

The Public Security Agency (PIFSS) achieved record revenues of $ 18.9 billion in the first nine months of 2020. Haifi shows that this is the best investment performance by institutions since its inception. Within the area of ​​youth development and sponsorship, Haifi has succeeded in supporting projects run by more than 400 youth by establishing a national fund for the development of small and medium-sized enterprises with a capital of 1 billion KD. I made it clear.

Kuwait has dedicated a variety of awards to support young people, and Haifi also touches on the cultural and sporting achievements of Kuwait, including the establishment of the Jaber Al-Ahmad Cultural Center (JACC), Jaber Al-Ahmad Stadium and Jaber Al-Abdullah. Said that. Al Javert International Tennis Complex, etc. According to Haifi, the infrastructure has opened 10 major bridges and 7 arterial roads on the highway. At the foreign policy level, Kuwait played an integral role in the 2017 GCC reconciliation, and Kuwait’s humanitarian assistance was recognized by the United Nations.

The legislative level is also a major step forward, with Haifi stating in his report a number of 837 legislation, including 218 new ones, representing 26 percent of the total legislation issued by Parliament since its inception. Since 2012, he asserted that Congress has issued various laws advocating for youth welfare and its small and medium-sized projects, as well as supporting laws that ensure the rights of retirees, families and special needs. — Kuna

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