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Kuwait protests outside the embassy to support Islamic women in India

Kuwait: The Women’s Division of the Islamic Constitutional Movement yesterday demonstrated near the Indian Embassy to assist Muslim women in India. About 120 people, the majority of whom are women, have expressed their refusal and disapproval of the persecution of Muslim women in India and condemned the silence of the international community.

Protesters carried placards against what was happening to students wearing hijabs in India. Some were banned from enrolling in schools and universities in southern Karnataka. Protesters have expressed refusal to force Muslim students to remove their scarves at school and blamed the international community for silence on such practices against Islamic women.

“What is happening to Muslim women in India is clearly wrong. It is not a person’s right to force someone else to abandon their religious beliefs,” he participated in the protest. Dana Sharaf said. “Religious terrorism is unacceptable. The Government of India needs to take into account the people of Islamic countries, especially the Gulf countries, because they are one of the largest communities and have complete freedom in religious beliefs and ceremonies. Because I have it, “said lawyers and politicians. Activist Israa Al-Maatouk.

“Our message is to convey our voice to the Government of India and protest what is happening to Muslim women there. The Embassy of Kuwait in India has sent our voice and message to the Government of India. “I have to tell,” she said, adding that it is unacceptable to prevent Muslim women from being educated without taking off Hijab.

Mohammed al-Ansari, who participated in the demonstration, pointed out that the relationship between India and Kuwait has been going on for many years, especially in the field of trade, and is strongly dissatisfied with what is happening to Indian Muslim women. Expressed. He said the humanitarian relationship between the two countries is old and requires the Government of India to respect all religions.

“In Kuwait, we respect the Indian community, the largest community in India, and do not force us to practice Islamic rituals and beliefs. They are free to believe and practice their rituals. We call on the Indian government to reward and respect Muslims and their rituals, “Ansari said.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwaitis-protest-outside-embassy-in-support-of-muslim-women-in-india/ Kuwait protests outside the embassy to support Islamic women in India

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