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Kuwait reached out to the poor in 2021

Kuwait: A Kuwaiti Air Force aircraft carrying relief relief from the Kuwait Red Crescent Society to Lebanon. — Kuna

Kuwait: Below is a report on key events focusing on Kuwait’s humanitarian activities during 2021.

January 10: Kuwait Red Crescent (KRCS) donated two well-equipped ambulances to Palestine Red Crescent.

January 28: KRCS will send an airplane loaded with blankets, medicines, medical equipment and sanitary goods to Lebanon.

April 4: The Kuwait Red Crescent Societies (KRCS) loaded 60 tonnes of food into three trucks in Yemen with the arrival of the Holy Moon in Ramadan.

April 9: KRCS sent three trucks to carry food aid to Syrian refugees in Jordan with the arrival of the holy month of Ramadan.

April 11: The Kuwait Relief Society and the Yemeni Ministry of Education have signed an agreement to rebuild and provide furniture to four schools in southern Yemen as part of the “Kuwait by Your Side” campaign.

April 17: KRCS launched the Ramadan program “Iftar Arsaem”, which distributes food to approximately 15,000 Syrian refugees in Jordan.

April 19: KRCS distributed 1,287 food baskets to internally displaced persons in the Yemeni family.

April 21: KRCS has carried out many humanitarian, medical, healthy and educational projects in Yemen.

April 23: KRCS delivers Iftar meals and Eid clothing to people in need in Comoros.

April 25: KRCS distributed 5,000 food baskets to Palestinian refugees in Lebanon during Ramadan.

May 3: KRCS sent relief supplies and medicines to India to help hospitals cope with the COVID-19 surge.

May 8: KRCS donated a fully equipped ambulance with disinfectants, preventative and preventive materials to Palestine Red Crescent (PRCS).

May 23: KRCS announced that the first rescue plane will take off from Abdullah Almubarak Air Force Base, carry medical assistance to Cairo Airport in Egypt, and be delivered to Palestinians in the Gaza Strip.

May 23: KRCS distributed 200 tonnes of produce to poor Lebanese families and Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

May 24: KRCS has allocated $ 500,000 to secure an anti-corona virus vaccine for Lebanese, Syrian and Palestinian refugees.

May 26: The Kuwait Relief Society (KSR) has signed a $ 1.5 million contract with a Yemeni agency to develop a small facility for an agricultural project.

June 15: KRCS sent medicines to Sri Lanka to overcome COVID-19.

June 18: KRCS launched a COVID-19 vaccination campaign for Syrian refugees in Lebanon.

June 24: Kuwait’s Ambassador to India Jassem Al-Najem announces the arrival of the largest oxygen transport to India as part of confronting the Delta variant.

June 29: KRCS and Qatar Red Crescent Societies (QRCS) have signed a cooperation agreement to implement a project to improve living conditions and provide medical care to Myanmar refugee camps in Bangladesh.

August 4: KRCS sent 8 tonnes of powdered milk to Lebanon.

August 6: KRCS handed over 10 ambulances and 4 blood transport vehicles to the Red Cross in Lebanon.

August 10: The Kuwait Relief Society opens a school in Abian, Southern Governorate.

August 14: KRCS sent 8 tons of medicines and medical devices to Lebanon.

November 8: KRCS distributed 4,870 school bags in seven provinces in Yemen.

November 24: KRCS distributes 521 food baskets and operates two mobile clinics in Shabwah and Malibu, Yemen.

December 8: A Kuwaiti charity opens two high schools in southern Yemen.

December 19: Kuwait’s National Human Rights Diwan and Kuwait’s UN office sign a cooperation and coordination agreement. — Kuna

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/kuwait-extended-helping-hand-to-the-needy-in-2021/ Kuwait reached out to the poor in 2021

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