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Kuwait-Saudi Arabia discusses future oil projects in split zones

Kuwait: A joint committee connecting Kuwait and Saudi Arabia was convened yesterday for consultations aimed at exploring future oil projects and plans in the region between the borders of the Gulf Arab countries known as the Divided Zone. rice field. The talks considered potential obstacles that could impede the completion of strategic projects in Kafuji and Wafra’s jointly operated oil fields, a statement from the Ministry of Petroleum said, a training program for national workers and these. Cited the use of modern technology as part of the project.

The close relationship established by the Ministry of Petroleum of each of the two OPEC members is evidence of the closeness of bilateral relations, and the statement adds the threat posed by the spread of Omicron variants, Minister Sheikh. If COVID-19, which Dr. Nimuru Arsaba said said, affects the oil industry, an “emergency plan” could be enforced.

Kuwaiti officials praised the 2019 agreement between his country and Riyadh to resume oil production from the split zone after a four-year or more outage, calling it “historic” and the two Gulf Arab countries. It made a breakthrough in the diligent efforts of our neighbors. Oil production in the Kuwait-Saudi Neutral Zone is evenly divided between the two countries. – Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwait-saudi-talks-mull-future-oil-projects-on-divided-zone/ Kuwait-Saudi Arabia discusses future oil projects in split zones

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