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Kuwait succeeds in protecting endangered sharks

The Scientific Center, a member of the Kuwait Science Foundation, has been one of the successful producers and newborns of endangered sand tiger sharks, following a strategy devised by the center to ensure proper growth. I did. Several centers in the world that are successful in this area.

To celebrate this achievement, the Center held a press conference in the presence of representatives of many institutions and personalities interested in the sustainability of the environment and biodiversity, and is now part of the Sand Tiger Group. Observed baby sharks that have been owned by the center for over 20 years and are one of the most famous marine life of choice for visitors to the center.

According to Center records, the famous “Baby Shark” over the age of 20 gave birth to two young white sharks at the Science Center’s Marine Biological Aquarium on January 23, 2022. One of them is a male. And other women. Sharks were called “Baddle and Badria,” according to a vote decided by science center fans on the center’s Instagram channel.

Dr. Salam Al-Ablani, a biologist and former director of the Center for Science, and Rana Al-Naibari, director of the Center for Science, reviewed the importance and duration of scientific achievements.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/kuwait-succeeds-in-preserving-endangered-shark-species/ Kuwait succeeds in protecting endangered sharks

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