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Kuwait Times staff welcomes 2022

By Nawara Fattahova

With the arrival of the New Year, people want what they want to come true. They resolve what they want to do to improve their lives. In many cases, the solution fails, but sometimes it succeeds. Every year, Kuwait Times staff share the 2022 resolution with their readers.

Nawara: I have achieved most of the previous resolutions, but certainly did not achieve last year’s resolution to travel monthly in 2021 to make up for the inability to travel in 2020 due to a pandemic. So my New Year’s aspiration for 2022 is to travel every month to make up for the last two years, as I only traveled once in 2021. We will also work hard to realize our fashion design dreams.

Marilyn: My determination in 2022 is to travel around the world.

Mustafa: I hope that I will finally return to normal life in 2022. I want to travel abroad without fear of getting stuck, but I hope the pandemic is over soon.

Islam: My determination this year is to improve my career and overall life. I also aim to help my son finish his college studies in 2022.
Zakir: In 2022, I hope to change my habits and wake up early. I will do my best to double my income. Also, start walking more, exercise, and care more about yourself.

Tony: My New Year’s determination is that the 2022 world should be freed from a new pandemic. I will do my best this year and do my best to help bring people smiles.

Sajeev: Given the unpleasant experiences I’ve had in the last two years, I don’t even make an exaggerated guess as to what 2022 will bring to me. The world is very unpredictable. I’m an avid traveler, but I haven’t traveled in the last two years. I sincerely hope that I can leave the country in 2022 and travel to at least two places. I will make a serious effort to realize this resolution. The odds are that I might be able to make it.

Chidi: I want to bless others and promote peace, love, equality and unity. You need to pray more and worry less. Above all, I want to be a good ambassador to Christ.

Shakir: I want to travel somewhere, anywhere! I also aim to be punctual and diligent in everything I do. I look forward to achieving all my personal and professional goals.

Ben: Good intentions and peace for humanity! I still want to be a millionaire, but that was my determination last year, the previous year, and perhaps the last decade. I will not stop dreaming until this dream comes true and I fly to the moon.

Abdratiff: I’m an optimist in nature, and my determination this year is that the community around me understands and practices tolerance for all, as our great faith demands of us. Is to help. There is peace in everything.

Srine: I hope this year the world will be freed from the pandemic and people will be healed from its devastating effects. I haven’t been able to go for two years in a pandemic, so I want to travel to my hometown. By the grace of God, I want to help the few people affected by my city as much as possible.

I’m waiting: I strongly believe that fate plays a negative role in all my New Year’s resolutions. So I want to be my worst husband this year, and hopefully a bad father. My decision last year was not to get married.

Ahmad: I want to get a new phone, and hopefully travel if the COVID-19 situation allows. By the way, don’t forget to add a fourth dose of COVID vaccine!

Sabastian: My New Year’s determination is to focus on my health – healthy eating and exercise.

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