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Kuwait to recruit doctors and nurses from Turkey

Kuwait: Procedures are currently underway to hire Turkish doctors and nurses by next year, sources told the Kuwait Times following Health Minister Khaled Al-Saeed’s visit to Turkey. Medical staff will occupy positions in the new hospital. “The Kuwait Ministry of Health is keen to recruit staff of different nationalities as long as they are qualified. Turkey’s level in the health sector is well established and known for its high quality of care.” said the source. The agreement also includes sending some Kuwaiti patients to Turkish hospitals and establishing offices in Turkish cities to serve the needs of Kuwaiti patients.

In another development, 650 Bangladeshi nurses are expected to arrive in Kuwait in the coming weeks. Her first batch of 50 nurses from Bangladesh arrived in Kuwait in her June. Bangladesh Ambassador to Kuwait, Maj. Gen. Md Ashkuzzaman, embassy officers and their respective company officials welcomed the nurses at Kuwait International Airport and congratulated them on being selected as the first batch to serve in Kuwait.

The Ambassador thanked the relevant Kuwaiti ministries, the Kuwaiti Embassy in Bangladesh and relevant companies for recruiting Bangladeshi skilled manpower to Kuwait. He also thanked the Ministry of Health of Bangladesh, Ministry of Expatriate Welfare and Overseas Employment, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Bangladesh Overseas Employment and Services Company (BOESL) for helping expedite the nurse recruitment process in Kuwait. did. Also, several Indian nurses are due to arrive in Kuwait soon. These nurses work in public and private hospitals.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwait-to-recruit-doctors-and-nurses-from-turkey/ Kuwait to recruit doctors and nurses from Turkey

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