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Kuwaiti Martyrs were placed in the last resting place in 2021

Kuwait: A military funeral for a martyr found in an Iraqi mass grave. —KUNA

Kuwait: The following is a report focusing on key events related to Kuwait’s defense, internal and national security throughout 2021.

March 17: The Home Office won the 2020 Award for Best Awareness Film on the Fight against Terrorism and Extremism at the end of the 44th Virtual Conference of Arab Police and Security Directors.

April 12: The Ministry of Home Affairs mourns police officer Saad Salem Nafaa, who was martyred in a tragic accident while on duty.

April 14: The Ministry of Home Affairs has begun accepting candidates for parliamentary by-elections in District 5.

April 26: The Kuwait National Guard (KNG) receives a French-made Caracal helicopter at Arial Salem Air Force Base, which served as the core of the guard’s fleet.

April 29: The Kuwaiti Fire Brigade (KFF) controls a fire at a tire dump in the Alsalmi area.

April 30: The Ministry of Home Affairs mourns the martyr Abdullah Al-Daihani, who died in a tragic accident.

May 15: Firefighters control a huge fire at a demolition yard in Abdullah Harbor.

May 16: KFF announced that a fire broke out in a three-story commercial facility in Jahra, killing two workers.

June 8: Firefighters managed to extinguish the flames at a location of 60,000 square meters in the Amgara area of ​​Jahra.

June 14: The Ministry of Home Affairs has evacuated 140 citizens and residents who were stranded on Failaka Island due to bad weather.

June 19: Firefighters control a large flame in a warehouse in the Schweik industrial area, killing one and injuring two.

July 8: Customs blocked attempts to smuggle 25,000 bags of Paan.

July 12: Customs seized 2.22 million Paan bags in three containers.

July 15: The Ministry of Home Affairs arrested a person in possession of 1.2 tablets of illegal drugs worth 2 million KD ($ 6.6 million).

July 20: A military transport plane carrying 20 tons of oxygen arrives in Tunisia.

July 25: Customs blocked attempts to smuggle 1.4 million bags of Paan.

August 7: KFF sent 90 firefighters to Turkey and Greece to act according to His Highness Amir’s instructions and assist in the fight against a large wildfire.

August 11: Customs confiscated 150 kilograms of hashish into a container.

August 14: A fire broke out in a worker’s residence in the Abdali area, killing three and injuring five.

August 17: Kuwait donated six fire trucks to Algeria.

August 19: Kuwait donates six fire trucks to Turkey.

August 20: KFF announced that five people were killed and 15 were injured in a car accident.

August 23: Kuwait donated six fire trucks to Tunisia.

September 8: A building at Kuwait Airport under construction collapses, killing two workers.

September 23: Customs seized 1.221 tonnes of Paan.

October 12: Deputy Prime Minister and Defense Minister Sheikh Hamad Javert al-Ali-Al-Saber announced that Kuwaiti women will be allowed to register for military service.

November 2: Kuwait, Saudi Arabia, and US troops conduct training.

November 10: Customs confiscated 30 tonnes of Paan hidden in containers from Gulf countries.

November 21: Kuwait holds a military funeral for 19 martyrs found in a mass grave in Iraq.

November 23: The Home Office confiscated 17 kilograms of drugs smuggled into live sheep from neighboring countries.

November 28: A fire reported at Sulaibiya’s house killed three people and injured a child.

December 7: Kuwait receives the first batch of Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft from Italy.

December 8: The Home Office arrested an individual with 120,000 psychedelic pills.

December 9: Firefighters control the flames erupting at Amghara.

December 14: Kuwait Army receives two Eurofighter Typhoon aircraft. —KUNA

https://news.kuwaittimes.net/website/kuwaits-martyrs-laid-to-final-resting-place-in-2021/ Kuwaiti Martyrs were placed in the last resting place in 2021

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