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Kuwaiti tennis player refuses to normalize with Zionist state-Doha News

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Residents of Kuwait and Qatar are overwhelmingly vocal in their expression of solidarity with the Palestinians against the illegal occupation of Israel. Research show.

14-year-old Kuwaiti tennis player Mohammed Al Awadi refused to play against Israeli opponents at the Dubai Tennis Championships U-14 and withdrew from the semifinals in Dubai on Friday.

The Tennis Championships are held in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), and on September 15, 2020, a normalization agreement was signed with the infamous US-mediated occupation under a peace agreement between Israel and the United Arab Emirates. it was done.

Kuwait MP, Osama al-Shaheen, Tweet In support of Al Awadi, he said:Invite Sports Authority, Kuwait Olympic Committee, Tennis Federation to honor heroes [Mohammed Al-Awadi] Morally and materially.

Next to all Kuwaiti heroes – he commits to and sacrifices sportsmanship, Olympic ethics, and Kuwaiti law that rejects unfairness, racism, and Zionism. “

The 14-year-old tennis player has gained a lot of support from many social media users, especially Twitter, whose name has become a trendy hashtag.

Al Jazeera newscaster Washira Ulumi, Tweet About the saying: “Despite the wave of normalization [Israel] And as we approached Tel Aviv, this Kuwaiti kid withdrew from the International Tennis Championships. [Dubai] He refused to confront the Israeli players. ”

Her tweet was retweeted by Khadija Benguenna, a well-known journalist and television moderator in Al Jazeera.

Jordanian political analyst and writer, Yasser Al-ZaatrehHas published many articles on other platforms, especially in Al Jazeera and Al Jazeera, and tweeted in support of Al Awadi, saying:[…] A sweet boy kissing your forehead. Your slap in the face of an invader is more powerful than any other slap. I told them that Palestine is in the hearts of the sons of the country. They carry it from generation to generation. “

Qatar clarified their position on normalizing the relationship between themselves and the illegal occupation of Israel.

Last October, Foreign Minister Sheikh Mohammed bin Abdulrahman Altani said The controversial Israeli agreement As it is inconsistent with the foreign policy of the Gulf countries.

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The principle of endless support for Palestinians and refusal to occupy Palestinian lands, which has been widespread in the region for the past half century, as various countries have previously moved to establish relations with Israel. Was challenged in the last few months of the Trump administration.

Historically part of the Arab League boycott of Israel, UAE, Bahrain, Sudan and Morocco were one of the first countries to officially normalize relations with US-mediated occupations.

Qatar refuses to normalize its political relations with Israel, but the country is still engaged in controversial indirect exchanges with Israel.

FenixThe micro-mobility company, whose largest investor is Israel-based company Maniv Mobility, launched an exclusive partnership with Aspire Zone in late 2021.

The company was the first Emirati start-up to receive support from Israeli venture investment after Abu Dhabi normalized its relationship with the Zionist state in September 2020, and has since strengthened its presence beyond GCC. Did.

A Report Along Doha News “In December [2020], The scooter company announced the start of its business in Qatar, and co-founder and CEO Jaideep Dhanoa confirmed to Doha News that it was promoted by the Ministry of Transport of Qatar. [MOTC].. “

Despite public opposition, scooters roam the streets of Qatar.

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