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Kuwait’s COVID cases exceed 5,000 for the first time

By BIzzak

Kuwait: The Cabinet yesterday decided to reduce the home quarantine period for vaccinated passengers arriving in the country to seven days. This can be terminated shortly after the PCR test is negative. The Ministry of Health recently changed its health protocol to address a new wave of coronavirus pandemics, with the number of new cases reported yesterday exceeding 5,000 for the first time.

Passengers arriving had to undergo a 10-day home quarantine, which could result in a negative PCR test 3 days after arrival. The new decision will be in effect today. The Ministry of Justice said yesterday that Justice Minister Jamal al-Jarawi tested positive for COVID-19 and was isolated. The ministry said in a statement that he was performing his duties in remote areas.

The Ministry of Health states that people infected with COVID should be quarantined at home for 7 days if fully vaccinated, or 10 days if not. However, vaccinated people may end quarantine after 7 days and have a negative PCR test result.

The Ministry of Health reported 5,147 new cases yesterday. This was a record high, with one dead. The number of patients in the intensive care unit increased to 33, while the number of patients in the hospital decreased to only 266. The infection rate also jumped to 16.2%. The number of active cases increased to 43,356, but the number of recovery also increased from nearly 1,000 to 3,203.

Kuwait has reported a record number of cases of coronavirus in the last three weeks. Last week, the government ordered the number of employees in the public sector to be reduced by up to 50% and called on the private sector to reduce the number of employees in the office. We also reduced the number of public transport passengers to 50%.

The government has also decided to ban meetings, conferences and social events to counter the pandemic epidemic. Authorities urged people to postpone their travel plans unless necessary, banning those who received a second dose 9 months ago from leaving the country before receiving a third booster dose. did.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwait-covid-cases-jump-above-5000-for-first-time/ Kuwait’s COVID cases exceed 5,000 for the first time

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