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Kuwait’s Ministry of Education to Adapt to All Health Conditions: Deputy Secretary

Kuwait: Dr. Ali Al Jacob, Deputy Secretary of Education, confirmed yesterday that the ministry is ready to adapt to all health conditions in the country through rigorous planning. “For the latest information on the provincial operating room, the health of the school in all education zones is stable. The number of cases of coronavirus is normal and there is no cause for panic,” Dr. Yaqoub said in the press. Stated in a statement to. Examinations for secondary and secondary education are proceeding smoothly, and he said it is necessary to continue returning students to school to ensure the quality and outcomes of their education. “From our responsibility as an educator, we are enthusiastic about maintaining professional education standards and implementing health regulations to achieve the desired goals of the education process,” he added. rice field.

“The” A and B “category system adopted in the previous semester is currently approved and will be applied unchanged in the second semester. So far, there is no decision to go back to online learning, “Yaqoub explained. He said implementing an online education program for the 2020-2021 academic year is the last option of the Ministry of Education and depends on the nature of the country’s health development. “Our aspirations, hopes and goals are aimed at the revival of a complete formal education at school, as was done before the COVID-19 pandemic,” he continued.

Regarding allowing some private schools to use online education, Yaqoub said a temporary decision was made until all staff had completed the quarantine period, especially for people from abroad. Regarding the ministry’s plans to ensure a safe return to school, Yaqoub said these measures included strict health and educational supervision of regulatory procedures approved by the Ministry of Health. It also focuses on ensuring family follow-up for students, providing a mobile canteen, reorganizing the curriculum, teaching learners the skills needed for direct education, and keeping students away from closed areas and crowded. It also includes prevention.

The ministry emphasized its willingness to continually review its return plans, including ongoing follow-up of school sterility work, maintenance of air conditioning, and ensuring building and classroom preparation, including facility safety. The plan also takes into account the availability of safety and safety elements and provides students with all aspects of support, especially those with special needs, through the social and psychological services offices of the educational district. increase. — Kuna

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwaits-education-ministry-to-adapt-with-all-health-conditions-undersecretary/ Kuwait’s Ministry of Education to Adapt to All Health Conditions: Deputy Secretary

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