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Kuwait’s YouTuber Boarki talks about moving to a sustainable city in Dubai

Ahmad Jable

Kuwait: Kuwait’s YouTuber and social media influencer Ahmad Boarki told the Kuwait Times that he and his family moved from Kuwait to a sustainable city in Dubai. The city is about the same size as Kuwait’s former entertainment city, with 500 homes and important facilities all powered by renewable energy.

“Imagine a city the same size as Kuwait’s entertainment city. In addition to three schools, a supermarket, a plaza housing shop, a restaurant, a cafe, a gym, and a health center for people in need of special needs. Playgrounds, clinics, mosques. If that’s not enough, imagine these houses powered by solar power, “Boalkhi said. He explained that solar panels are installed in every household and that the city’s irrigation system uses reclaimed water to grow vegetables, adding that agricultural products are distributed to the city’s residents. rice field.

Kuwait’s YouTuber Ahmad Boarki

The 500 homes are spread over 5 clusters, each containing 100 homes. The city produces enough electricity to power the city, but the extra electricity goes to the grid operated by the Dubai government, Boarki explained. He added that each cluster has a children’s playground, and golf carts that residents can use to move around make the entire city pedestrian-friendly. In addition, each house has two parking spaces and the sunshades are covered with solar panels.


Boarki admitted that he was hesitant when he first moved to a sustainable city when he learned of the size of a house smaller than the ones people are accustomed to in Kuwait. “But 200 square meters is enough space to live with your family,” he said. “I have a family of five, and that place is more than enough for us to live in.”

In addition to other countries, including Oman, there are plans to adopt the same model of Dubai’s sustainable cities in Sharjah and Abu Dhabi. Boarki expressed his hope that a similar project could be seen in Kuwait in the future. “I want to see a model that resembles a sustainable city in Kuwait, where everything I need is within walking distance,” he said.

Living in a sustainable city has taught Boarki’s family lessons on living in harmony with independence and the community. “I’m proud to be part of a sustainable urban community that has taught children to rely on themselves and be in harmony with their community,” he concludes.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/kuwaiti-youtuber-boarki-tells-story-of-relocation-to-dubais-sustainable-city/ Kuwait’s YouTuber Boarki talks about moving to a sustainable city in Dubai

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