Kyiv Bread Amnesty Report as Expected Grain Shipments

Ukrainian President Volodymyr Zelensky lashed out at Amnesty International late Thursday after accusing it of violating international law and endangering civilians in its defense against Russian aggression.

Three ships carrying more than 58,000 tons of Ukrainian grain were scheduled to depart from Black Sea ports yesterday under an agreement between Moscow and Kyiv aimed at alleviating global food shortages. , a severe condemnation arose.

In a report on Thursday, rights groups listed incidents in 19 cities and towns where Ukrainian forces believed to have harmed civilians by setting up bases in residential areas.

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The group tried to offer a ‘pardon’ [to] “We will move away from being a terrorist state and shift responsibility from the perpetrators to the victims.” “The conditions under which Russia’s attack on Ukraine is justified are not even hypothetical. An attack on our country is not provocative, it is aggression, it is terrorist.”

“If someone makes a report that suggests that victims and perpetrators are somehow equal, this is unacceptable,” he said.

Amnesty International, after a four-month investigation, found that Ukrainian forces had set up bases in schools and hospitals and launched attacks from populated areas, claiming the tactics violated international humanitarian law. did.

However, the group said the tactic “in no way justifies Russia’s indiscriminate attacks” and beat civilians.

On Thursday, Russian shelling targeted several towns and villages, including Mykolaiv in the south, and damaged homes in two districts, the mayor said.

Eight people were killed and four wounded in a Russian attack that hit a bus station in Tretsk, near the Eastern Front, the regional governor said.

In Kharkiv, the country’s second most populous city, local authorities reported a Russian missile attack on an industrial zone.

Ukrainian forces have launched a counteroffensive in the south, claiming to have recaptured more than 50 villages formerly held by Moscow.

Meanwhile, three more ships carrying Ukrainian corn were scheduled to depart yesterday morning. Two sailed from Chornomorsk and one from Odessa. In Odessa, the first grain shipment to leave Ukraine since the beginning of the war set sail on Monday.

Grain shipments to world markets were able to resume under an agreement signed between Kyiv and Moscow last month to ease the crisis that is causing food prices to soar in some countries.

The deal provides for the establishment of a secure corridor in the Black Sea to allow merchant ships to export 20-25 million tons of Ukrainian grains anchored in the port.

Separately, the EU on Thursday said it would impose sanctions on former Ukrainian president Viktor Yanukovych and his son Oleksandr Yanukovych for undermining Ukraine’s security.

Viktor Yanukovych’s government was overthrown in 2014 by a popular uprising against its pro-Russian stance.

Following his expulsion, Moscow annexed Ukraine’s Crimea and East Donbass regions.

The EU said the 72-year-old former Russian-based president “plays a role in undermining or threatening Ukraine’s territorial integrity, sovereignty and independence, national stability and security.”

The sanctions document accuses him of plotting to return to power if a Russian aggression succeeds in overthrowing the Zelensky regime, but his son has “made deals with separatist groups in the Donbass region. It is accused of “going” and refers to Russia’s proxy forces.

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