Kylie Jenner clips his son’s “cute shoes” and she silences his name

Kylie Jenner I shared a short, sweet clip of her new boy on her YouTube channel on Wednesday, but haven’t given a clue as to his new name yet.

The 24-year-old model recorded the road to this year’s fashion event on Monday. MET Gala In New York City.

She included a short video of her newborn’s paw while boarding a plane to a star-studded event.

She heard the clip narration: “Look at my son’s cute shoes! He can’t even walk yet.”

The young man was sporting a pair of stylish Air Jordan 6 Retro trainers while resting on his baby carrier.

Kylie refrained from displaying his face in the frame as he continued to protect his son’s privacy.She hasn’t revealed his name yet After admitting Wolf, he didn’t look good..

Kylie Jenner shows off her son’s shoes

In March she told her Instagram Her followers and Travis Scott decided to oppose the original choice, but since then he has left his fans on Tenterhook.

She said at the time, “My son’s name is no longer Wolf. We didn’t really think he was. I’ve been watching Wolf everywhere and I just wanted to share it.”

Returning to her latest YouTube video, Kylie was seen trying out an off-white wedding dress finished in a white baseball cap she wore on the Met Gala.

Sister Kim, wearing the iconic Happy Birthday dress that Marilyn Monroe once wore, entered the room and Kylie confessed, “I can’t believe you’re really dyeing your hair.”

Kyrie’s daughter Stormi was also in the room Kendall JennerAnd Kim (41) said to her niece: “My hair will be blonde like Elsa.”

Kylie immediately replied: “You are very bold for that. You are very bold.”

It was the first time that all Kardashian-Jenner sisters appeared together in the Met Gala on Monday night, and their costumes-as expected-were scrutinized.

Chloe, 37, praised her for her stylish gold number in her virgin appearance at the event, while others criticized both Kylie and Kim for choosing their outfits.

Family and Kylie Jenner at Met Gala on Monday
Family and Kylie at Met Gala on Monday

Among those who opposed Kim’s appearance was Piers Morgan. A person who accused a reality show star of being “untalented”..

The 56-year-old presenter claimed that Marilyn Monroe was “turning her grave” in the light of the Kardashian sister who wears part of history.

Earrings used to attack the entire Met Gala. I called it “tone diff” In the current crisis Ukraine..

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