Lack of Expertise Affects Bid Screening

The Tender Review Authority (TRA) said on Monday it supported the majority of appeals filed, suggesting that public contracting authorities often make mistakes because they lack the expertise to draft solicitations for bids.

Of the 35 appeals filed so far this year, TRA Chief Effie Papadopoulou told lawmakers that 14 were successful, five were dismissed, three were withdrawn and 13 were pending. Told.

She was addressing Congress and considering the TRA’s 2023 budget proposal.

According to officials, the biggest problem facing contracting authorities is the lack of well-trained staff. Staff often fail to properly handle the call to bid, which can be a complex document, making it easier for bidders who miss a deal to later identify errors and challenge winning decisions. Become.

Papadopoulou cited several examples of mistakes, such as contracting authority officials failing to sign declarations properly and members of the team assessing submitted bids failing to disclose the reason for their absence. I mentioned.

MPs questioned Papadopoulou about the apparent delay in projects awarded through public contracts. suggested.

Papadopoulou said the delay was not caused by the TRA itself.

Under EU law, the Republic of Cyprus is obliged to consider appeals against its decision to award public contracts, she noted.

“It is very difficult to determine whether the appeal was intentional. This cannot be measured until the file is opened.”

MPs also asked Papadopoulo whether the TRA was considering increasing the fees it charges for processing complaints and whether it would act as a deterrent to frivolous complaints.

The fees charged by the TRA are already quite high, according to people familiar with the matter. For example, if a contract of up to 1 million euros is involved, the TRA charges him 4,000 euros, but by comparison, administrative court costs about 300 euros.

With respect to TRA’s balance sheet for 2023, expenditure is €650,000 and projected income is €400,000. Lack of Expertise Affects Bid Screening

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