Lack of natural snow is not deterrent to the season

Both Isola 2000 and Auron closed their slopes on Monday after a winter with little snowfall, but still with the help of artificial snow, the season was considered successful.

Both the local ski resorts Isola 2000 and Auron have reached the traditional end of the ski season with their tooth skins. With an average winter of unfortunate snowfall, the station was able to stay open for this long, thanks to the artificial snow they pumped all year round.

Isola hasn’t seen new snow since 3 yearsrd In April, drought was being watched and locals mentioned a disturbing depression.

“The amount of snowfall was two to three-thirds of normal,” said Christian Bale Pois, a ski instructor since 1974. France 3.

“In Isola 2000, such small natural snow is very rare,” added Isola Mayor Mylène Agnelli. “Sure, it snowed 1.5 meters in the town this winter. It’s unheard of.”

The season was made possible by a snow cannon that spreads an artificial white object of 550,000 m3, but without the “real” snow, the snow rabbit did not discourage traveling. After a two-season refusal by the pandemic, skiers were happy to be on the slopes without a mask.

At Aurone, my feelings were almost the same. The resort opened 23 of the 43 slopes and operated for 129 days. During this time, more than 2.2 million people used 15 ski lifts at the February is the peak day for 5,668 skiers and snowboarders.

Foreign tourists accounted for about 10% of the stay this year, said Pascal Requenne, director of the Aurone Tourism Board. “In December they couldn’t come. From February I found mostly British and Scandinavian people.”

Despite the low numbers and low snow, the year was considered fairly positive and lasted until the end of the traditional season. Now snow lovers can look forward to 2022-23, hoping that Mother Nature will meet their needs a little better.



Photo courtesy of Isola 2000





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