lack of orphanages

According to a study conducted by the National Center for Social Research, Greece’s state-run child protection agencies and corresponding units in the private sector have been criticized for their lack of uniform frameworks and minimum national standards for staffing, operations and delivery of care. be characterized. EKKE) conducted a survey of Greek child protection agencies from July 2020 to May 2021.

A report released last week said the inspections carried out at the unit were mainly related to health and safety conditions, and said that when social advisers conduct inspections, they do not comply with any specific uniform standards. It refers to making your own subjective judgments.

Additionally, an organization’s staffing needs are often determined by the director’s decision without a framework or organizational chart.

Staff are often inadequate and inadequate, undermining adoptions and adoption efforts. This is probably due to fears that fewer children will lead to a reduction in staff as well.

Additionally, the report says government support for institutions is inconsistent, with facilities often relying on volunteers and donations. It is presumed that existing institutions work under internal norms devised by them, but when it comes to public institutions, employees are evaluated in the same way as all other civil servants. , “evaluation” is done by the director.

This study was conducted as part of an effort to strengthen policies towards deinstitutionalization. Because, as its authors put it, “long-term stay of children, adolescents and young children in closed institutions is associated with serious psychiatric problems and chronic stress. This is due to the growing conditions in lack of orphanages

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