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Landfills emitting toxic fumes are causing air pollution in Kuwait

Environmental officials have again sounded the alarm about the dangers of “random disposal” of domestic waste, particularly solid waste, with a recent report saying that six landfills “gas up Kuwait’s air.” I take full responsibility,” he said. “96% of national emissions come from just three landfills.

Surprisingly, despite the small size of the country, there are a large number of 19 landfills, of which only 3 are operational and 11 are closed, containing 56 million cubic meters of waste. reported the local Arabic daily.

Landfills in Kuwait, an imminent environmental and health hazard, and the accumulation of waste and its improper filling or random disposal, are all risk factors for the release of toxic gases and unpleasant odors, and possibly fires. and the environment of the country and the health of its inhabitants. The EPA has revealed that six currently operating landfills have received 75% of total waste over the last few decades, three of which are municipal solid waste.

In a recent report, a copy of which was obtained by the daily, the EPA said that the “Jahra,” “South of the Seventh Ring Road,” and “Mina Abdullah” landfills were to be weighed for incoming waste and used without pretreatment. said it was filled with , 96% of total gas is emitted from these three sites, and the 2040 National Waste Management Strategy includes the prevention of landfilling untreated waste with high organic content, which He said it would make a big contribution to climate protection. .

It indicated that 11 landfills were closed without completing full remediation, as they contained 56 million cubic meters of waste. Despite being closed, the landfill still emits greenhouse gases and forms leachate from the waste many years after the last shipment was full, according to the report. Therefore, the site should be carefully monitored and remediated.

Sources point out that the decomposition of waste on land can destabilize the land and cause landfills to be closed due to uncontrolled emissions of gases that pose a risk leading to explosions and fires. He pointed out that the potential for reuse in the land is limited. Ground subsidence.

The EPA cited, for example, Jleeb Al-Shuyoukh, which is located right next to Kuwait International Airport, and the extent of the airport’s impact. Because the recent expansion of the airport has to take into account the conditions of the landfill. On the one hand, dumped waste contains usable methane gas, which could be a potential energy source. ”

The report says the landfill has been designed and equipped with an isolation system to prevent harmful substances from entering the soil, recording the substances entering it and taking samples to ascertain their properties. pointed out.

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https://timeskuwait.com/news/landfills-emitting-poisoned-gases-causes-air-pollution-in-kuwait/ Landfills emitting toxic fumes are causing air pollution in Kuwait

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