Landscape painting festival begins in Taitung

Taipei, July 2 (CNA) Celebrating the magnificent countryside of the southeastern county, an annual art festival was held in Taitung featuring 10 installations by local and foreign artists.

According to the Taitung branch that hosted the event, three installations are on display in Sekiyama, six in Kano, one in Haiduan, and in various towns in Taitung.

The Eastlift Valley Land Art Festival aims to create a harmony between humans and nature by emphasizing breathtaking views along a 60-kilometer section called County Highway 197 in Eastlift Valley.

The three works on display in Guanshanxiang were created by Taiwanese artists Pasulange Druluan, Huang Wen-yuan, and Tung Min-chin.

Luye’s six works are “Acculturation” by Varol Topaç in Turkey and Woo Tze-hong in Hong Kong, “Endless Flow” by British artist Tim Norris, and “Fly To Universe” by South. According to the organizer, there are three works by Song Jin-Yan from South Korea, Karabau Monaray (Chen), Tafon Kati (Tatsuho / Wuyi), and Lee Weim (Li Wei-Mu) from Taiwan.

According to the event’s website, Lee can use wood and iron to create fish-shaped clouds and sit under them to enjoy beautiful views of the breeze and valleys.

Haiduan’s only installation work is called a “romantic moment” by South Korea’s Kim Ki-young, the agency said.

According to Director Ko Tsan-tang, the artwork is set up in a beautiful rural area, little known, in the hope of attracting visitors exploring fascinating landscapes and food.

The annual festival in the scenic East African Rift Valley was first held in 2019. Landscape painting festival begins in Taitung

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