Laroda states that the NIB is “working hard” to speed up the timeline for payments to beneficiaries – Eye Witness News

The state minister of the Prime Minister’s Office, Nassau-Miles Laroda, Bahamas, said the National Insurance Commission received many complaints about the timeliness of benefits paid as the pandemic progressed and the amount increased.

“I think you’ll see the process slow down considerably during the pandemic,” he said.

“Since taking office, we have increased the number of doctors listening to occupational accidents. There was one in the past.

“We have a chief medical officer and another officer.

Minister of Prime Minister’s Office MylesLaRoda

“We have a court to hear issues related to occupational accidents.”

In some cases, beneficiaries have been waiting for more than a year.

The minister was asked when he would be paid. “I don’t want to schedule it, but for myself, the chairman, and the executives of the National Insurance Commission, it is a priority to show the following gradual improvements. Shortening the timeline.

“I would have spoken to the chairman, executive director, and board executives and expressed concern about the complaints I received.

“And I got the team’s assurance that the National Insurance Commission is working hard to take steps to reduce the waiting times for these individuals.”

NIB contribution

Earwitness News reported earlier this month that it had charged 340 companies and self-employed people last year for not paying NIB donations.

Yesterday, the minister said social safety agencies were trying to get the untreated portion of other issues, claiming to go back a few years.

He said he was ready to “prosecute those individuals whatever they were accused of doing” when the NIB received the complaint.

“They will appear in court and whatever funds are unpaid to the individual who put them there, the NIB will endeavor to recover those funds,” the minister said.

“In particular, deductions made from employee salaries that were not paid to and would not have been paid to the National Insurance Commission are not really the property of those companies or individuals.” Laroda states that the NIB is “working hard” to speed up the timeline for payments to beneficiaries – Eye Witness News

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