Latvia helps rebuild Chernihiv / article

The information report was prepared with a view to Latvia continuing its assistance to Ukraine in 2023. Ukraine appealed to the international community to start rebuilding as soon as possible and urged allies to take responsibility for specific areas. This information report aims to provide suggestions regarding Latvian involvement in the reconstruction of Ukraine.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is proposing to focus its support on the reconstruction of the Chernihiv region with a contribution of 5,110,887 euros. A further €110,887 has been allocated for the dispatch of Latvian experts to EC support groups in Ukraine (Monthly salary €1,700, benefits (€5,177 per annum), benefits (€37,244), employer mandated State social insurance premiums (6,875 euros), apartment rent (28,432 euros per year), travel expenses (2,163 euros per year) and miscellaneous expenses (2,090 euros) A full report (in Latvian) is attached to this article.




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The allocation of funds for the reconstruction needs of Chernihiv Oblast is carried out in accordance with Article 5 of the International Aid Law. This includes competition for grant projects. Decisions on the allocation and allocation of funds for reconstruction are made taking into account the needs formulated by Ukrainian partners, international assessments and Latvian capabilities. Attention will be given to rebuilding critical infrastructure and housing.

The report notes that development cooperation projects funded by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in support of Chernihiv have been operational since 2007, with some collaborations already taking place in agriculture and other areas. pointing out.

Since the Ukraine Reconstruction Conference (URC2022) held in Lugano on 4th and 5th July, several EU Member States have pledged to engage in Ukraine’s reconstruction efforts and have made specific commitments to provide assistance, for example to Estonia. I am referring to the regions of Ukraine. , Denmark – Mikolaiv, France – Chernihiv. Lithuania and Poland are also providing reconstruction assistance.


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