Latvia-Russian Federation warns of future actions / article

According to information obtained by LTV, the party widely seen as the most pro-Kremlin faction in Latvia is one step away from the courts that can stop its activities.

Last March, the National Security Agency (VDD) issued its first warning to the party over the dissemination of Kremlin propaganda messages via social media accounts. There are even new efforts to turn the U.S. against Ukrainian aid.

Last December, VDD notified the Attorney General’s Office of violations detected in LKS operations, and the office issued a warning to the party.

“Given the fact that such activities could threaten national and social security, the party received a warning from prosecutors on February 24 of this year. I have been instructed to prevent, i.e. delete, the information I have received, from being distributed on social networks, including the website of the Russian Federation in Latvia,” said Prosecutor Dina Stirane.

LKS chairman Miroslavs Mitrofanovs received such warnings and confirmed that the party had taken them into account.

The LKS president explained, “The question concerns only seven items. They have all been removed from the Internet and are impossible to find.”

In accordance with the Political Parties Act, the court may decide to close a political party if there are new violations within one year of receiving a warning.

It was already announced last fall that a public petition with more than 10,000 signatures calling for the closure of the LKS had been submitted to Saejima.

The initiative was taken over by Saeima’s National Security Committee, headed by National Alliance representative Jānis Dombrava, but no further progress has yet been made.

“At the moment, I think the authorities are doing their job. I think there should be absolutely no political interference. I think,” said Dombrava.

Effectively, LKS is facing a “three strikes and out” scenario and has already run out of two strikes.

Latvia The Russian Federation failed to win a seat in last October’s Saima elections, receiving just 3.6% of the vote. But the party controls her one seat in the European Parliament, in the form of an overtly pro-Kremlin MEP. Tatiana Zdanoka.

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