Latvian Minister: Russia will remain a threat for the next 50 years-Baltic News Network

Latvia wants NATO to adopt a new strategic concept at the Madrid Summit. This is because the situation has changed from the previous strategic concept and Russia has become a threat for the next 50 years.

He emphasized that the new NATO strategic concept would explain the current threat from Russia and transform the summit, as it is important to change the mindset of the members of the alliance.

According to the Minister, Latvia wants to see the larger presence of the Allies in its soil, not only in the form of troops and equipment, but also in the form of more training and deployment of more military vehicles.

Pabriks emphasized that Latvia as a host country is committed to creating a second military landfill to provide the military with more space for living and training.

According to the minister, this will be Latvian homework. Latvia is also committed to spending more than 2.5% of GDP on defense.

When asked if his allies wanted to increase their defensive presence in the region and if Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia could reach their goals, Publics knew the situation of the Baltic states. Said that. Expanded the existence of defense.

«Allies understand our problems and wishes. We explained everything to them. On the first day of the summit in Madrid, that won’t happen because there are many issues to be addressed for both our allies and us, “said the Defense Minister, and the process was signed and stamped in Madrid. I added.

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Latvia is the summit of Madrid, represented by President Egils Levits, Foreign Minister Edgars Linkevich, Publics, and Commander of the Latvian Armed Forces Lieutenant General Leon Karnish.

As previously reported by the Prime Minister of the State, the summit will adopt new NATO strategic concepts and other documents and decisions.

The military alliance, established in 1949, currently includes 30 member states. Latvian Minister: Russia will remain a threat for the next 50 years-Baltic News Network

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