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The Latvian Ministry of Interior plans to raise wages for interior ministry workers and prison managers who hold ranks.

The ministry’s report states that making wages for police officers, border guards, firefighters and prison staff more competitive is one of the most important issues for stable and sustainable services. It states that there is.

This is especially important given the current geopolitical situation, Russia’s military aggression in Ukraine, and the increasing geopolitical risks.

At the same time, there are key factors such as high risk of corruption, restrictions imposed on length of service, constant emotional and emotional tension, and increased requirements for health and fitness.

The Anti-Corruption and Combat Bureau (KNAB) said that low wages are a contributor to the risk of corruption and that there are many posts in internal departments at risk of corruption. According to the KNAB Corruption Risk Assessment, for example, in state police, 15% of employees are at high risk of corruption and 45% are at moderate risk of corruption.

To prevent the risk of corruption, KNAB recommends that law enforcement wage policies be considered to ensure that people employed in corruption-sensitive positions receive the right wages for their jobs.

The Anti-Corruption State Group (GRECO) has proposed to provide police and border guards with more appropriate and dignified wages. This is, according to the group, an anti-corruption measure in itself.

The need to solve salary problems is also indicated by the negative trends observed in vacant posts, which continue to increase year by year.

One exception is the Internal Security Agency (IDB), which has relatively high wages compared to other internal services.

For example, state police had an average monthly income before tax of € 1137 last year. It was € 964 for the state border guard and € 922 for the state fire department.

The Ministry of Home Affairs, in collaboration with the Ministry of Justice, has created a proposal to raise wages from 2023 to 2025, ensuring that wages are raised by 10% each year compared to the basic monthly wage cost of 2022. A post that was active in the interior department in 2021.

If the allocation of additional funds is approved, the Ministry of Home Affairs will propose amendments to the rules governing the wage and bonus payment system, as well as a minimum monthly wage for the group.

The report provides a detailed estimate of monthly wage increases across the wage group, as well as other forms of additional wage estimates.

Based on the above, the Ministry of Home Affairs is proposing to approve the government’s proposal to increase remuneration for special staff. In this situation, the Ministry will demand € 23 990 399 in 2023 and the Ministry of Justice (Prison Administration) will demand € 3537936.

The Home Office has also urged the government to approve proposals to enhance the capacity of the Home Office’s information centers to enhance cybersecurity. This will require an additional loan of € 634129.

The total amount of wages and additional work in 2023 is estimated at € 28162464. The amount required to raise wages in 2024 is estimated at € 27,528,335 and could reach an additional € 27,528,335 in 2025.

The Ministry of Home Affairs proposes that the government increase funding as part of its budget for the next few years to make it available to both ministries to carry out the activities needed in 2023, 2024 and 2025. doing. Latvian Ministry of the Interior demands more money to raise wages-BalticNewsNetwork

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