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The results of this year’s intensive exams are generally higher than last year. This includes traditionally poor grade exams, or math, according to information from the National Institute for Educational Policy Research (VISC).

The results of the math exams required for all students are gradually rising in Latvia. The average score for the 2020 math exam was 35%, while the average score for 2021 was 36%. This year it reached 37%.

On the mandatory Latvian exam, students score an average of 52.2 percent, 0.5 percentage points higher than last year, but 0.7 percentage points lower than 2020.

The average score for this year’s English exam, which is traditionally chosen by most students in foreign language exams, is 69.1% (66.8% in 2021 and 70% in 2022).

The Russian test is the second most popular foreign language test in Latvia. This year’s score reached 77.7%, the highest score in the last three years.

The average scores for the German and French exams are 75.4% and 77.2%, respectively, which are higher than they were a year ago.

Elective tests in chemistry, biology, physics, Latvian, world history, etc. have seen significant improvements this year.

In biology, the average score has improved from 50.2% last year to 66.1% this year. The average score for the Latvian and World History exams has improved from 46% last year to 65% this year. In the physics test, the average score improved from 48.8% to 55.7%. Chemistry scores improved from 55.3% to 58.2%.

VISC reminds us that this also affects average results, given the small number of students taking these elective exams. In addition, it should be remembered that due to the Covid-19 pandemic, the content of the exam had to be partially adapted and the scoring criteria needed to be clarified. The exam scores are still subject to change, as the current edit does not include the scores of students who have retaken the exam.

The institution has issued exam certificates to 21,486 students to pass the intensive exam for secondary education.

Mandatory exams were conducted by an average of 14,400 students. The Latvian exam has 14069 students, the mathematics exam has 14 257 students, the English exam has 12 034 students, the Russian exam has 1 538 students, and the German exam has 29 students. 29 students took the exam in French. Only 6 students.

This year, students had to pass a Latvian, math, and one-choice foreign language exam to receive a certificate of secondary education.

For the first time, the exam was conducted by 11th grade and vocational institution students and studied the course with the optimum level of learning content according to the requirements of the new standards.

This year, math exams were taken by 4325 students, Latvian by 3348 students, and foreign language exams by 4441 students from vocational institutions.

The highest level of the test was in English with an average of 66.1%, followed by French (61.7%), Latvian (56.7%), German (53.7%) and Mathematics (53.7%). 40.1%) follows. .. At the general level exam, the average math exam score was 30.6%.

VISC will be able to provide more comments about the exam results as the exam results are evaluated in more detail and feedback is received from the teacher. Latvian secondary school students show better overall results on all exams-Baltic News Network

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