Latvia’s VDD actively monitors the information space. Scrutiny on Grevcova’s TikTok increased – Baltic News Network

Latvia’s National Security Agency (VDD) is actively monitoring Saima’s 14th Deputy Chief Glorija Grevcova’s online activities, including on the video-sharing network TikTok, BNN was told by VDD.

As BNN previously reported, shortly after taking the oath of office as Vice President of the 14th Saima, Glebkova gave an interview to a radio station controlled by Belarusian President Alexander Lukashenko. In it, she said Latvian residents are being evicted from their homes even for meager utility bill debts. She also said that in Latvia, severe condemnation is taking place.

On the same day, Russian state television featured Glevkova’s remarks about the destruction of Soviet heritage in Daugavpils.

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VDD told BNN that authorities continue to monitor developments in the information space as much as possible.

This includes Grevcova’s activities and statements made online. VDD declined to comment further on the situation.

BNN also reported that former deputy member of the Daugavpils city council Viktor Puchka will work at the 14th Saima. Officials said he shared an opinion on Facebook that matched Russia’s description of the situation in Ukraine. This includes statements that Ukrainians have taken half of Mariupol hostage. Weeks after the Russian attack, he shared a photo of Putin and wrote, “Let’s support our leader!”

Commenting on concerns that those who openly support Russia’s foreign policy lines and justify its invasion of Ukraine would work for the 14th Saima, the VDD said that existing rules would not allow law enforcement to represent Saima. He explained that he did not give him the right to determine his suitability as a person. .

The VDD reported that restrictions prohibiting persons from standing for elections in Saeima and being elected to parliament are contained in Section 5 of the Saeima election law. Candidate evaluation is carried out by the Central Election Commission.

“Unfortunately, loyalty to the Latvian state is not listed as a mandatory requirement for Saima’s vice-presidential candidate,” the service added.

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