Lavrov on the possibility of resuming talks with Kyiv: Going from the “ground” situation

Moscow (Sputnik)-If Kyiv wants to resume negotiations with Russia, Moscow will move out of the “field” situation and take into account that many liberated areas do not want to return to control of the Kyiv authorities, Russia. Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov said.

“When they ask us to make a proposal to resume the diplomatic process, as I understand, Europeans are urgently asking them, but Anglo-Saxons do not allow this. , We will look at the situation on the ground, “Labrov said in an interview with the Belarusian national broadcaster.

“There are liberated areas. The majority of the population is not even thinking of returning to the control of neo-Nazi authorities or authorities indulging in neo-Nazis in any way,” the minister added.

According to Lavrov, Moscow is unaware that Ukraine may be allowed to return to negotiations with Russia.

“I am happy to accept the invitation of President Belarus to the Belarusian territorial rally. But I do not think about it either. Now I have not seen the opportunity offered by the Ukrainian side, but we do not negotiate. There is no possibility that a return to the procedure will be available. “

Lavrov’s remarks came after several months of stagnation in peace talks between Kyiv and Moscow, and the Foreign Minister had previously stated in May that the Ukrainian President’s resumption of negotiations was “Not serious.. “

May’s comments reflect a previous statement when Lavrov showed no total interest in peace talks from Ukrainian leaders last month. Lavrov on the possibility of resuming talks with Kyiv: Going from the “ground” situation

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