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Lawmakers Call for Punishment of Test Leakers

B. Isaac

Kuwait: MP Abdulkarim Al-Kandari has introduced a bill that provides for prison sentences of two to seven years for anyone who prints, publishes or publishes school exam questions or answers for the purpose of encouraging student misconduct. submitted. The bill comes after authorities discovered a large network of teachers making money by distributing high school exam questions to thousands of students. Prosecutors are currently investigating more than 20 people she believes are involved in the network.

The prosecution also provided the ministry with a list of the names of students involved in misconduct groups since 2020 to take the necessary steps to fail or retake the exam, within the ministry’s authority. . The students were investigated and their phone numbers were found on the phone of the accused leaker. The students obtained copies of the leaked tests after paying the suspects.

MP Saleh Ashour has called on the government to be lenient and refer everyone suspected of involvement in the cheating scandal to prosecutors. “If convicted, the services of all convicts involved in this crime must be terminated, they must be dismissed, and any students proven to be complicit must be punished. Don’t do it,’ Ashur told the government.

A criminal court also sentenced 15 individuals, including former members of parliament, to two years in prison for participating in tribal primaries ahead of the September elections. The verdict is not final as it can be appealed to the Court of Appeals and the Court of Annulling.

Meanwhile, parliamentary speaker Ahmad al-Sadoon on Wednesday postponed a meeting of parliament until Feb. 7 after the government failed to attend. He submitted his resignation, but there was no word on its fate until it went to print. , can also appoint a new prime minister.

The government accused the parliament of being forced to resign just over three months after it was formed, as relations with it deteriorated. The government was angered by parliamentarians’ claims to push for populist bills, including a bill to buy billions of dinars in loans owed by Kuwaiti citizens to local banks. He said it would be too costly for public funds.

https://www.kuwaittimes.com/mps-call-to-punish-exam-leakers/ Lawmakers Call for Punishment of Test Leakers

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