(LEAD) Prohibition of gatherings near former President Moon’s home

(ATTN: Updated with response from Aide Moon)

SEOUL, Aug. 21 (Yonhap) — Gatherings near former President Moon Jae-in’s home will be banned from Monday.

The decision to ban gatherings within 300 meters of President Moon’s home in Yangsan, about 310 kilometers southeast of Seoul, came after President Yoon Sook-yeol’s predecessor stepped up security following a proposal by National Assembly Speaker Kim Jin-pyo. This was done after ordering the Secret Service to consider .

Since President Moon stepped down in May after a five-year term, his home has been barricaded day and night by raucous loudspeaker demonstrations by right-wing protesters and YouTubers who objected to the way he ran his country. I have been annoyed regardless.

Last week, one protester was arrested after threatening him with a cutter in front of Moon’s home.

“We have expanded and redesignated the security area around former President Moon’s private residence,” said security officials. “This measure was taken in light of the need to increase security for the former president, as fake guns and even cutter knives appeared at demonstrations and rallies.”

The service will also increase visitor screening and traffic control in the area.

Yoon’s strengthening of President Moon’s security can be seen as a measure to promote national unity amid low approval ratings. Earlier this year, he came under fire for remarks to the effect that rallies around President Moon’s home should be allowed, as protests around the current Blue House are also permitted. .

President Moon’s aide welcomed the decision and called for strict enforcement of the law.

“Expanding the restricted area won’t solve everything,” a person in charge told Yonhap by telephone. “Strict enforcement of the law is expected as security measures are strengthened.” (LEAD) Prohibition of gatherings near former President Moon’s home

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