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How do you define an effective leader?
Leadership is about moving in a particular direction or action. For me, leadership is about action. Because many people may know or show the way, but they are not always the first to walk. Being an effective leader is not about being knowledgeable, but about being proactive and effective, making decisions with little or no information. This is the basic idea of ​​leadership for me.

Tell us the key milestones of your leadership journey.
My journey has gone through many roles, including IT trainers, HR supervisors, leadership specialists, executive coaches, and now talent, HR, and thought leaders in leadership development. I have played a strategic role in human resources and have led hundreds of senior leaders in industries such as food and beverage, retail, logistics, banking, oil and gas, and petrochemicals for thousands of hours. Following my passion, I learned from the best to the best in the field of leadership development. I have stayed on the road and enjoyed every moment of the journey.

How does the Prevail model, named after the title of your book, help you create a great leader?
I have been trained and certified by Dale Carnegie’s Global Trainer and Marshall Goldsmith’s Certified Executive Coach for top global training, coaching and human resources certification, and I practice the lessons learned through my day-to-day work. Continue to do. I also helped others apply it using a simple and comprehensive model that combines the most well-known and effective theories and practices of the Prevail model. It also leads a team of warriors, feeling fulfilled along the journey. For me, this builds and maintains a good leader who is loyal to himself and others.

How do you predict the future of human resources and talent management?

For me, HR did not mean “human resource” because people are not resources. We are witty, creative, and have endless possibilities and deliverables. And while resources are limited and depreciated over time, humans become more valuable over time. This is what most companies have come to realize during a pandemic. Managing people becomes more complex and requires more sophisticated management styles and ideas. This includes fostering trust, guiding, and having a clear understanding of productivity, and especially understanding that people who are adopting the remote working model are busy and busy. For me, HR is the “heart rate” of an organization.
Talent management is a new way of thinking that companies are adapting to attract, develop and retain talent. Previously we mentioned high performers, but now it applies to all individuals in the company.

Any tips to provide to aspiring managers and leaders?
Self-awareness is the starting point. Knowing yourself-what you want to do in life, what you want to achieve, your strengths and passions-give you clarity and maximize your joy, health, wealth and achievements. I will help. It is also important to help yourself so that you can help others. Remember that you are still human and need help at some point, even for the best, biggest, and most striking titles.

Always be genuine, honest and genuine so that you can build trust and gain respect. Titles and people come and go, but your legacy will live forever.

Finally, sometimes forgive yourself, especially when you stumble. We make all the mistakes.

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