Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati is likely to be re-elected in a serious crisis

Lebanese caretaker Prime Minister Najib Mikati is likely to be appointed for a new term on Thursday, political sources said, and will continue to lead him as the country prepares for the upcoming financial and political challenges in the coming months.

When re-established, Mikati will bring Lebanon through an economic recovery program aimed at securing a $ 3 billion international monetary fund bailout to mitigate one of the worst modern-day financial collapses in the country. You need to steer.

Lebanon’s political and financial tycoon factions are still divided on key issues, including how to deal with losses in the financial sector, which is estimated to exceed $ 70 billion.

According to political sources, billionaire Mikati from a port in northern Tripoli has more than 50 out of 128 members, including Iran-backed powerful Hezbollah, allied Amal Party, and Sunni Muslims. Will get support.

Party sources told Reuters that they plan to nominate Mikati during talks with President Michel Aoun at the Presidential Palace in Barbuda on Thursday.

If more parliamentarians support Mikati than any other candidate on Thursday, Aung nominates him to form a government, even if they do not make up the absolute majority.

The process is often elicited over months in Lebanon, as major political factions share the roles of the Cabinet and beyond.

In theory, Mikati’s new term may not last long. After Aung’s term ends on October 31, Congress will elect a new president.

According to party leader Gebran Basir, Aung’s free patriotism movement will not support Mikati.

The Lebanese Forces, a Christian who is close to Saudi Arabia and is vocally opposed to Shiite Islamic Hezbollah, announced on Wednesday that no one would be nominated.

LF has the largest single party block in Congress.

A number of independent new members have been set up to vote for Nawaf Salam, a judge and former UN ambassador to Lebanon.

Under the Lebanese sectarian power-sharing system, the Prime Minister’s post is reserved for Sunni Muslims, Maronite Christian Presidents, and Shiite Speakers.

Unlike many Lebanese leaders, Mikati is not from a traditional political dynasty, but has built a successful business empire.

He served as prime minister three times, primarily during times of crisis, including his recent term. He was appointed in September 2021 after former Sunni leader Saad Hariri was unable to form a cabinet. Lebanese Prime Minister Mikati is likely to be re-elected in a serious crisis

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