Leclerc defeats the unlucky spell and wins the Austria GP in style

Who will bet on Red Bull and Verstappen to win the Austrian Grand Prix? This is Red Bull’s home track and the current World Champion won the Austrian Grand Prix race in both 2020 and 2021. Needless to say, Verstappen has won three wins this season in the last four races.When Ferrari has not won in Austria since Michael Schumacher won from Paul in 2003...

Ferrari Sainz won a great victory at Silverstone last week, Charles Leclerc has been plagued by problems in the last five races. The prancing stables were unreliable and made tactical decisions that would have a significant disadvantage to Monaco’s ace.

It is even more important that the unlucky spell be broken if Leclerc, who is 43 points behind in 3rd place, attacks Verstappen for the Drivers’ World Championship.

Qualifying was my first challenge. P1 is very important for winning the Red Bull Ring, and the qualifying winner has won the Grand Prix six times since 2016. The last four races here have won from P1 on the grid.

Qualifying includes regular time trials and sprint races, and anyone who wins the sprint is most likely to repeat their success in Sunday’s Grand Prix race.

It was ominous when Red Bull’s Max Verstappen pushed Charles Leclerc’s Ferrari to the pole position of the sprint in a time trial. Even worse for Ferrari when Max Verstappen won the sprint and took pole position at the Austrian Grand Prix in the Red Bull home race, Charles Leclerc lined up with Carlos Sainz and George Russell in the second row. I was there.

Charles never resigned to lose, threw away the gauntlet, and had a widely reported message to Red Bull. “We are quick. We will get it tomorrow.”

Ferrari’s pace

Charles Leclerc was right about being quick! Ferrari’s amazing pace against Red Bull was a clinch factor. Leclerc almost overtook Verstappen on lap 10 with a slow surge inside the second turn, followed only two laps on lap 12.

On Reed, Leclerc and Sainz continued to pass lap 20 with Verstappen, and new tires regained pace and filled the gap.

And this was the story of most races. Every time Verstappen made a pit stop, Ferrari later made a pit stop, with Red Bull’s ace temporarily leading, and Leclerc’s Ferrari’s pace and Charles’ skillful driving involved and overtook him.

Verstappen sent a radio to his team informing them that Leclerc could not be stopped.

But fate was going to deny Leclerc again! Mechanical problems raised that ugly head. When Verstappen returned to him, he faced the last ten laps of tension with a stick throttle.

Ferrari’s stick throttle (the accelerator did not return to zero when Leclerc took off) was also affecting the gearbox as it was unable to make some shifts.

Verstappen suddenly snatched this luck, took a slow challenge to victory and approached Leclerc within two seconds by the end of the race. But that wasn’t enough.

Leclerc never beat him in the matter, even though he sounded nervous on the radio to his team. He won his first victory since the Australian Grand Prix in April.

In doing so, he narrowed Verstappen’s lead in the World Drivers’ Championship and took second place ahead of Perez, who had forgotten the race. Perez’s hope was shattered by the first lap collision with Russell.

“It was a really good race” Widely reported winner Leclerc said. “The pace was there. At first there were some good fights with Max and the end was incredibly difficult. I had this problem with the throttle and at low speed with 20% or 30% throttle It was very tricky to get stuck, but I’m very happy to be able to fix it to the end. I definitely needed it. So the last 5 races are very much for me and for the team. It was difficult, and in the end it’s great to show that we’re at the pace of the car and that we can do it. End. “

It could have been Ferrari’s one-on-two, as Sainz, who had a lightning-fast pace, seemed to overhaul Verstappen, but Sainz’s engine was just as he was trying to stop the challenge. I blew.

Leclerc reduced Verstappen’s lead in the World Drivers’ Championship by 5 points to 38. Verstappen limited his damage by scoring 1 point on the fastest lap and 1 point on the qualifying sprint.

Podium results

1: Charles Leclerc, Ferrari

2: Max Verstappen, Red Bull

3: Lewis Hamilton, Mercedes

There are two races left before the short summer vacation. Formula 1 heads to the Paul Ricard circuit near Marseille, France, and only a week later to Hungary. Leclerc defeats the unlucky spell and wins the Austria GP in style

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