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Legitimate fatwa reaffirms Islamic flexibility, scholars speak to the Grand Mecca Pilgrimage Symposium

Jeddah: During the Mecca pilgrimage, pilgrims from all over the world come to Macca and Madina to bring not only faith but also diverse cultures and traditions.

Between Hajj and Umrah, men are restricted to wearing only Ihram (a two-piece, plain white cloth wrapped around the body), while women wear normal, loose, discreet clothing. can do.

Laila Saleha al-Bassam, a professor at Princess Nura Binto Abdulmohsen University, was the first Saudi scholar to study the history of traditional Arab garments and textiles in Saudi Arabia.

Albasam explained to Arab News the history of what women in different parts of the kingdom wore during the Mecca pilgrimage. “Previously, women in the central, eastern and northern regions wore cotton dresses or two pieces of cloth called” Kurta “and” Makta “in green and black colors. However, people in the western region had similar works (wearing), but were white in both Ihram and the funeral. “

“Currently, women also wear what looks like’Jellabiya’, and there are many types (currently) customized and designed to suit Ihram, with some women buying and tailoring cloth. I am. “

During a visit to Medina in June, Arab News interviewed Uthe, 43, one of the first pilgrims to arrive from Indonesia.

Uthe will be pilgrimage to Mecca for the first time this year. “I feel very lucky. I’ve been waiting for this opportunity for 10 years, and it’s finally here,” she said in tears.

She prepared five dresses, most importantly the traditional Indonesian dress “batik”. I wore this on my trip to the kingdom. “I wore batik on my first flight to do a Mecca pilgrimage, and I wear it again on my way home. My mother and grandmother wore batik on their Mecca pilgrimage trip.”

She said it was a tradition to wear batik for a Mecca pilgrimage, but it is also worn for celebrations.

Dressing is important, but Ute said it is essential to be physically, mentally and mentally prepared for the pilgrimage.

Dania al-Kaldi, a 35-year-old mother from Baghdad and an architect, said Iraqi women have a particular Mecca pilgrimage tradition. She said, “We wear all white clothes, from socks to hijabs to abaya. We need to include the white color in every detail because it is a sign of purification from sin.”

Arcardi said he was preparing a list of prayers in preparation for Arafat’s Day on July 8. “It’s really important to bring a pocket Quran, Sabkha, and a small, light sling bag for traveling between different areas of the Mecca pilgrimage. Comfortable walking shoes and odorless personal hygiene products are also important. “Al-Khaldi added.

Asia Ahmed, 55, from Sudan, said:

Sudan’s Thaw is a long two-piece outer cover of various colors and designs worn over plain clothes.

Ahmed also said that pilgrims need to get portable chargers, skin care items, umbrellas, first aid kits, and common medicines to help other pilgrims as needed.

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