Legs found last month in corpse found after being attacked by crocodile in Ameka River

Another body was found eaten by a crocodile in Puerto Vallarta, Jalisco’s Ameca River this Thursday morning.

According to initial reports, those arriving in the Ameka River next to the radial well noticed the presence of bodies floating in the water. The corpse was missing several parts and had been eaten by crocodiles.

Elements of the State Police arrived on the scene after being alerted of the situation. The area was cordoned off for the rescue of the bodies.

On July 27, the local government and judicial authorities of Bahia de Banderas, Nayarit state Human feet found on the banks of the Ameka River and at the mouth of a bay believed to have been cut by a crocodile.

Investigations are continuing to determine whether the body found today belongs to the same person as the leg found last month, whether the crocodile tracks are post-mortem, or whether the individual was the victim of an alligator attack. It should become clear.

On August 5, Nayarit’s Secretary of State for Security and Civil Protection announced that the entrance to Nuevo Nayarit Beach in the municipality of Bahia de Banderas would be It was closed due to the presence of Crocodile.

And on August 7th, Puerto Vallarta Civil Protection Agency captures 3m alligator It was on the coast of Playa de Oro.

On January 1st, actress Ariadne Diaz the crocodile devoured her dog Tacha when he returned to his home in Puerto Vallarta.

On July 19, the Civil Protection Unit of Puerto Vallarta reported: Two American tourists attacked by alligatorsresulting in both people being injured and taken to hospital for treatment.

So far this year, 12 crocodiles have been displaced from the beaches in this area and transferred to the Ameka River area.

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