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Leica’s new mechanical watch models, the L1 and L2, are now available in Dubai

Leica has recently diversified into new products. Tell us more about your strategy and vision.
Leica used to be the brand of a much larger company called Ernst Leitz Wetzlar, but for more than a decade now it has been working on products that are directly related to its core competencies such as German craftsmanship, German design, technology and quality. Is to add.

What are the main highlights of the latest L1 and L2 watches? What was the biggest challenge in creating this collection?
The appearance of the watch is conceptualized by Professor Achim Heine, who designed numerous Leica products in the past, and has a deep understanding of the company’s aesthetic and functional principles.

As a result, the Leica L1 and Leica L2 contain a distinctive feature from Leica’s rich history, with a subtle reference to the domed watch glass, especially reminiscent of the front elements of the camera lens. The patented push crown reflects the camera’s release button and red. A ceramic inlay on the patented push crown, a subtle homage to Leica’s “red dots.”

Focusing on the necessities “Das Wesentliche” has been at the heart of the Leica brand culture for over 150 years, and this also applies to the Leica L1 and Leica L2.

I wanted to do something a little difficult to do with a watch, but with the help of a great team and partners, I could find a patented push crown (a very complicated task) or another way. I did. How the power reserve is done (actually influenced by the Leica accessories of the 50’s).

Dr. Andreas Kaufmann, Chairman of the Audit & Supervisory Board of Leica Camera AG

Leica has a history of watchmaking. For example, the 2014 Valbray EL1 Chronograph Limited Edition. What were some of the important lessons from those previous projects?
Working with Valbray was an interesting test case. One of the important lessons was that we had to carry out our own design. You cannot use the existing design. And another important learning was that we had to develop our own movement with our partners. This is the first watch collection with the heart of a Leica camera. The launch of the Leica L1 and L2 underscores the brand’s intention to establish itself in the new product segment. Commitments, investments and product strategies are all long-term.

Leica clock

Who are the main target audiences for these watches?
Indeed, we want to reach out to Leica advocates who love the brand and have a strong demand for functionality, design and craftsmanship. However, I would like to focus on customers who are familiar with photography, know the Leica brand, and highly value it. They are fascinated by mechanical complexity, craftsmanship, precision, knowledge and design. The main goal is to convince watch lovers around the world that these are unique pieces of small-scale production, with few stores worldwide selling in the coming years.

Leica clock

Why did you choose the Dubai Mall as one of the only seven stores in the world to launch this unique watch collection?
Dubai is one of the most interesting places on the planet economically and the Dubai Mall is one of the world’s leading malls.

What are your business forecasts and plans for this year?
Our watch business forecast is to slowly increase production, and Leica’s plan is to show that it covers image processing from various aspects, such as cameras, lenses, software, or smartphones. We have just opened a partner store in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia and a corporate store in Copenhagen, and will open several more stores around the world. It will showcase some very interesting products in the future.

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https://gulfbusiness.com/leicas-new-mechanical-watch-models-l1-and-l2-now-available-in-dubai/ Leica’s new mechanical watch models, the L1 and L2, are now available in Dubai

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