Leinster’s accuracy proves the key when they see off Münster in the dismantling derby

Leinster 35 Münster 25

Breathtaking, and to say the least, the physically punishing game that waned from start to finish ended with Leinster getting more than he needed and Münster failing to reach his goal. rice field. Well, to some extent.

Münster will play in the final match and will need at least two match points for the home semi-final and bonus points for additional carrots that may be in the home semi-final.

In the end, they came up with zero. This was probably a good thing in that he won the quarterfinals against Ulster instead of the Bulls. Still, the two-week Irish Derby winner will be absent in the semi-finals against Stormers or Edinburgh.

In the other half of the draw, Leinster will host Glasgow in the quarterfinals, and the Thai winner will gain home advantage in the semifinals.

A combination of requirements made for thrilling games. Leinster was ultimately the more accurate and fast-paced side, represented by Jet Heel. Jordan LarmourHis counterattack and run led to two of Renster’s four attempts, making everyone else appear to be towed. It’s a timely reminder of his abilities and could stand on the bench in the Champions Cup final with La Rochelle, who welcomed Will Skelton against Stade Francais on Saturday.

Münster’s game was not lacking in ambition, with a similar mix and elegant performance. Thomas Ahan, Alex KenderenWith Jack Odonohue Conor Murray.. But they weren’t very accurate or fast-paced.

This young and experienced hungry Leinster mix jumped out of the trap, rather than a distant and philanthropic mood.Harry Burn’s perfect kick-off was regained by the recalled person Ryan Baird And within 80 seconds, Renster scored without Münster touching the ball.

Producing the trademark quick ball, Baird makes one big carry, Scott Penny A couple before Kiaran Flory uses the advantage to get a perfect cross-kick for Penny to get together and walk with footwork Joey Carbery It ends at the corner.

Harry Burn It didn’t lead to difficult conversions, but it added a penalty before the off-road by Kenderen and Ahan and a couple of grabber with the right weight to the edge by Murray and Carbury got an aggressive lineout. The first scrap followed. Yeah, derby.

Münster used the advantage when he attacked wide and gradual and Carbury pulled the ball back. Keith Earls Working across his wings, Odonohue took the tackle of Cormac Foley and threw a left-handed peach to finish well in the corner.

During the United Rugby Championship match at Aviva Stadium, Leinster Rugby Olavlin is in the process of winning a try, despite Keynan Knox and Munster Mike Haley. Photo: Laszlo Geczo / Inpho

Then recall after Flory spills Andrew Conway Chasing Murray’s fully heavy kick to prevent Larmor from gathering, Nile Scannel’s Gallop gained another offensive lineout. Leinster’s accuracy proves the key when they see off Münster in the dismantling derby

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