LenzWerk Monaco: A place where German design and the art of life meet

How do you emphasize Germany’s best design? Rent a landmark villa in Monaco and fill every room with the splendor of German design to create a unique living space. Of course, everyone enjoys it.

The Lenzwork Group opened a showroom in Monaco in 2021 with the goal of creating a living experience. Exceptional excellenceWhere crème de la crème Many German design brands can showcase iconic furniture, lighting and artwork.

You can experience and buy the entire interior of Villa Nuvola, which was intentionally designed as a private residence. Highlights include the legendary “Erased Heritage” series of hand-woven Jan Kath carpets, Occhio’s unique gesture-controlled lamps, and Walter Knoll’s perennial living space.

Lenz Werk’s Bedroom © Lenz Werk Monaco.Photo by Christoph Philadelphia

“When I visited Monaco looking for a place to shop, I felt like people were flying to London, Milan, and Paris, and I realized how the furniture on display could” breathe “a room. I felt it. This is what we wanted. Bring it to Monaco and combine it with art, “said Jasper Hannan, co-founder of Lenzwerk Monaco. Monaco life..

Villa Nuvola was created by renowned Parisian architect Jean-Pierre Lott as a pilot project for an adjacent skyscraper. Lystra.. He had a great influence on the Monaco skyline, trip Simona, Les Cigognes When Ni box. He is also behind the future ParehonoriaAnd the hidden villa troglodyte was dug out of ancient rock.

The showroom of the villa, which is over 800 m2 in size, exhibits “German design art”, and LenzWerk Monaco has worked with major German brands to establish a bespoke concept of interior design. I am. This approach is complemented by furniture selected from our own Lenz Werk factory.

Villa Nuvola designed by Jean-Pierre Lott © Lenz Werk Monaco. Photo by Christoph Philadelphia

“When people think of German design, they think of the Bauhaus, which was a very popular minimalist model at the time,” adds Jasper Hannan. “Many people still think of German design that way, but as you can see, it’s moving in a different direction.”

On this particular night, the design trio EOOS is celebrating 25 years of furniture design for Walter Noor. The villa is full of German designers and guests, and the showroom is like a private home. As the champagne flows, the chef of Monte Carlo SBM rushes around the kitchen and DJs play from the desk on the ground floor.

“I hope Lenz Werk will be known as a place of art and interior design, and a place of communication where people can go to wonderful events, meet the right people and see different things in art and interior design. “Masu,” Hannan adds. “This place should really live, because without the people of Monaco, it’s really an empty space.”

Jasper Hannah, co-founder of Lenz Werk

LenzWerk was created by Jasper’s mother, Ursula Seeba-Hannan. Her philosophy is to “connect with tradition and face the future.” Occhio’s Susann and Axel Meise joined as investors to help establish their own concept. A private showroom in the heart of the Principality combines German excellence designs under one roof to create a unique living space and transform them into a way of life.

“For us, it is a great privilege and commitment to provide the elegant and unique atmosphere of Villa Nuvola to our German design partners, who host special events and celebrations of delight in the heart of the Principality of Monaco,” said Ursula Seeba. -Hannan says. “Using this private showroom as a place for special events for the excellence of German design creates a desire, joy of living.. We are very proud to celebrate the 25th anniversary of Walter Noor’s EOOS at Villa Nuvola. And this is just the beginning of a long success story. “

The Villa Nuvola showroom is open by appointment.

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Above photo: A lounge area featuring furniture by Walter Knoll, lighting by Occhio, artwork by Jan Kath, and Galerie König © Lenz Werk Monaco.
Photo Christoph Philadelphia. Gallery photo by Monaco Life and Christoph Philadelphia.

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